First Half Disaster: Wisconsin 19, Michigan 0

What could be worse than 6 turnovers versus Notre Dame? How about 5 in the first half alone against Wisconsin.

Wisconsin first possession. U-M kicked off to Wisconsin from their 8 55 yards to the U-M 38.

First down, U-M 38. Hill ran for 3.
Second down, 7. Hill ran for 10.

First down, U-M 25. Hill took is on a pitch for 2.
Second down, 8. Incomplete pass in the end zone.
Third down. Complete pass, for 6 yards.
Fourth down, 2. Wisconsin missed a 34 yard field goal.

Michigan possession, 12:38.

First down, U-M 20. Sam McGuffie ran for 2.
Second down. Swing pass to McGuffie, loss of 2.
Third down, 11. Threet scrambled to the U-M 28, fumbled, Wisconsin recovered.

Wisconsin possession, 11:28.

First down, Pass complete to the U-M 10.

First down, U-M 10. Evridge fell at the 15.
Second down, 15. Hill for 2.
Third down, 13 at the U-M 13. Pass complete to the U-M 4.
Fourth down. Wisconsin kicked a 21 yard field goal at the 9:03 mark.

Wisconsin 3, Michigan 0

Michigan possession, 8:57.

Harrison took the kickoff from the U-M 5 to the 16.

First down, U-M 16. McGuffie ran for loss of 2.
Second down, 12. Threet ran for 13 to the U-M 28.

First down, U-M 28. McGuffie ran for 2 yard loss.
Second down, 12. Swing pass to Odoms, in the dirt, loss of 4.
Third down, 15. Incomplete pass.
Fourth down, U-M 23.

Wisconsin possession, 6:48.

Mesko punted it 45 yards to the Wisconsin 32.

First down, Wisconsin 32. Hill ran for 2.
Second down, complete for 11 yards.

First down, Wisconsin 45. Hill for 19 to the U-M 46.
Second down, 1. Zack Brown for 2.

First down, U-M 43. Hill for 6.
Second down, 4. Hill for 2.
Third down, 2. Hill, no gain.
Fourth down, 1. U-M 34. Wisconsin fake punted, Obi Ezeh went offsides.

First down, U-M 29. Pass into the endzone, incomplete.
Second down. Incomplete, batted down by Tim Jamison.
Terrance Taylor came off the field.
Third down. Hill ran for 4.
Fourth down, 6, U-M 25. Wisconsin kicked a 43 yard field goal at the 1:18 mark.

Wisconsin 6, Michigan o

Michigan possession, 1:18.

Harrison returned the kickoff from the 5 to the 17
br> First down, U-M 17. Reverse to Odoms for -4
Second down, 14. McGuffie ran for 5
Third down, Threet back to pass, flag. Holding on Ferrara, declined


Fourth down. Mesko punts it 49 yards to the Wisconsin 33.

Wisconsin possession, 14:51.

First down, Wisconsin 33. Pass bobbled, intercepted by Charles Stewart at the U-M 45.

Michigan possession, 14:42.

First down, U-M 45. Threet carries, loss of 1.
Second down, 11. Incomplete pass to Junior Hemingway.
Third down, 11. Draw to McGuffie for 2.

Fourth down, 9. U-M 46. Wisconsin possession, 14:51.

Mesko punted it 33 yards to the Wisconsin 21.

First down, Wis. 21. Flag, false start. Completion for 7.
Second down, 8. U-M 23. Short pass carried 22 yards to the WIsconsin 45.

First down, WIs. 45. Run for 8.
Second down, 7, Wis. 48. Run of 3.
Third down, 4, 50 yard line. by Brandon Graham, fumbled, recovered by Will Johnson. at the Wis. 48.

Michigan possession, 10:49.

First down, wild pitch, out of bounds, loss of 2.
Second down, 12, 50 yard line. McGuffie run for 5.
Third down, 7. U-M 45. Pass tipped, incomplete.
Fourth down. Mesko punted from the Wis. 45 to the 10, fair catch.

Wisconsin possession, 9:39.

First down, Wis. 10. Hill for 7.
Second down, 3. Hill for 2.
Third down, 1. Evridge sacked by Jonas Mouton.
Fourth down. Punt to the U-M 49, returned by Mathews to the Wis. 40, fumbled, recovered by Wisconsin.

Michigan possession, 7:37

WIsconsin possession, 7:37

First down, Wisconsin 40. Complete for 8.
Second down, 2. Wis. 48. No gain.
Third down. Clay ran it 4 yards to the U-M 5.

First down, U-M 5. 5:53 mark. Clay ran it for the TD at the 5:46 mark.

Wisconsin 13, Michigan 0

Michigan takes the kickoff to the U-M 27, fumbled, Wisconsin recovered. Michigan possession, 5:40.

Wisconsin possession, 5:40

First down, U-M 27. Hill ran for 3.
Second down, 7, U-M 24. Pass incomplete.
Third down, blitz, pass incomplete.
Fourth down. Wisconsin kicks a 41 yard field goal at the 4:53 mark.

Wisconsin 16, Michigan 0

Michigan possession, 4:43.

Kickoff taken by Odoms to the U-M 18.

First down, pass incomplete.
Second down, McGuffie run, no gain. Third down, incomplete pass. Fourth down. McGuffie punted it 40 yards to the Wis. 41. Wisconsin possession, 3:48

First down, pass incomplete.
Second down, Brown runs for 4.
Third down, 6, Wis. 45. Pass complete for 2.
Fourth down. Wisconsin punted it to the U-M 10.

Michigan possession, 2:29.

First down. McGuffie run for no gain.
Second down. McGuffie ran for 1.
Third down, 9, U-M 11. Pass intercepted at the U-M 38. Celebration flag back to the Wis. 48.

Wisconsin possession, 3:48

First down, run of 6 to the U-M 45.
Second down. Pass complete to the U-M 35.

First down, U-M 35. Incomplete pass.
Second down. Heavy rush, complete pass, no gain.
Third down. Incomplete pass.
Fourth down. Wisconsin kicked a 52 yard field goal.

Wisconsin 19, Michigan 0
First down, pass intercepted. End of half.


Michigan gained 21 total yards, 28 rushing and -7 passing.
Michigan lost 3 fumbles and 2 interceptions.

Wisconsin gained 202 yards, 111 rushing and 91 passing.

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