Coach Rod Postgame Presser - quick hitters

Coach Rodriguez was happy as a college student at his post game presser. These quick-hitter can't show the joy that he had at the mike ... but here they are!

"I'd like to tell you things still looked good to us at the half, but it didn't."

"Had then been a hole to crawl in, we would've."

"But the defense was playing so well ... and then got a few plays, the big turnover with JT (Johnny Thompson)."
"They way they've worked, the conditioning, it showed."

"After we got the lead, we knew we had to keep playing ... they have powerful team ... even after we got 8 point lead, even after they scored ... you just keep playing. And they did. That's why I'm proud."

"It gives us some confidence ... it puts a little bounce in their step ... it lets them know we can be down, and never quit ... if they were of lesser mind, they would've quit."

Was it his biggest comeback win ever? "We were down 17 to a ranked Louisville team 3-4 years ago, and we won in a couple overtimes ... but this one was really kind've gloomy."

The First Half.

"Defense, in the first half, to take 5 turnovers and just give up field goals ... we should've been down a lot more because of our offense and special teams."

"We had some good practice the last two weeks ... and we had opportunities, but we were not even close, we just didn't execute."

"In the first half, they pressed, they didn't make good decisions." "He was dipping his shoulder ... he had to just relax and throw it."

"We just didn't block, we didn't execute."

The Booing

"Booing - they were booing the coaches, not the kids. I didn't see a lot of people leave though ... not here at the Big House!"

"When you get 100-some thousand ... I was told the Big House wasn't loud, but it was pretty loud, lifts those guys up, puts bounce in their step ... the noise made it hard to for Wisconsin communicate. And they pretty much all stayed, I really appreciated that."

At the half

"The coaches not sniping at each other ... frustrated but knew the answers, what we have to do."

"Weren't guys ranting and raving at halftime, there was no sense of panic."

The Second Half

"In the 2nd half we made better decisions, we hit a few things, and we got things going."

As far as whether there were second half strategy changes ... "Nothing that we hadn't worked on ... it was just execution."

On Threet's big run: "Steve can run a little bit. That was a huge play, changing the field."

On whether the conditioning program helped them to come back: "Conditioning - I think so ... not just the shape they're in, also the mindset ... and it takes a win like this to prove this. That's the reason we keep up a fast tempo up in practice, is to this."

Moving on ...

"We have to approach every practice with this kind of energy - take that mindset ... as nice as this one is, we've celebrate for 24 hours and then move on to the next one."

Coach Rodriguez

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