Burgess and Crable Photo Gallery

Here are some bonus pictures of Prescott Burgess (#4 - Black) and Shawn Crable (#2 - Orange) that did not make it into our scouting reports. Enjoy!

Burgess gets into his back pedal

Burgess gets the defensive signal

Burgess moves into position on the goal line

Burgess shifts with the formation

Burgess on the double team

Burgess makes the block

Crable prepares to shed Burgess' block

Crable throws Burgess to the side

Crable prepares to block Burgess in punt protection

Burgess blocks Crable

Shawn Crable

Crable prepares to make the call

Crable reads his keys

Crable comes off the edge

Crable pressures the QB

Crable coming into YOUR screen!

Crable warms up

Crable comes off the edge to disrupt the pass

Crable jumps to bat the ball down

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