Lubick Raves About Michigan Visit

For Southborough Mass, PF Nate Lubick, his most recent trip to Ann Arbor finally offered him a glimpse at a side of the University of Michigan he had long been waiting to see... the side often seen on television and in media guides. Upon getting an up close and personal look, he found it to be even better than he expected.

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"It was much better when people are actually there, because the past two times no one has really been there," Lubick said recalling his Michigan camp visits the last two summers.  "It was real fun and real productive.  I have been to some BC (Boston College) football games, but (the Michigan game) was the first one I have really been to besides that. It was real cool, especially seeing them come back through being down 19-0… which is crazy.  Seeing the fans and stuff like that… it was a real thrill… real cool."

The trip also afforded Lubick the opportunity to gain a better appreciation for how he would fit in at Michigan both on and off the floor.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Beilein," Lubick said.  "He showed me a tape from the West Virginia team that went to the Elite 8, which was pretty cool.  He broke down some film of them this year and from West Virginia and talked about where I would fit in.  He actually had, and I don't know how he got it, but he had some video of me playing this spring and summer.  He kind of broke that down with me and showed me how good a fit (Michigan is playing style wise.  He just told me that he really, really wants to coach me and stuff like that."

"Plus they got such a great group of guys," he continued regarding Michigan's players.  "All realistically have the same goal to try and turn this thing around up there.  It is really nice to know that everybody is kind of on the same page and everybody always has a real good relationship to each other and stuff like that."

The Wolverines' presentation helped further entrench them on Lubick's list of favorites, right alongside Georgetown, Stanford, Wake Forest, and Virginia.  He hasn't yet taken trips to Wake Forest or Stanford and is at the moment uncertain whether he will do so in the future.  Even so, based on recent records of success, Michigan would appear to be at a distinct disadvantage in the race for Lubick's services.  Not so according to the young man himself, and there's one reason why.

"It is really simple actually... it is just Coach Beilein," he said matter-of-factly.  "John Beilein is John Beilein.  You know what you are going to get from him.  You always know what he is kind of thinking and what he wants.  He has got a track record of coaching players like me and having success with turning things around.  It is just back to his style of play.  It is something that he has been successful with.  It is something that you have to look at seriously."

All that said, Michigan's long absence from elite status has affected how Lubick evaluates the Maize & Blue.  He is paying extremely close attention to the other players the Wolverines are recruiting, and that is largely why he has reached out to other Michigan targets/commitments like Darius Morris and Trey Zeigler.

"They are not where Michigan basketball used to be and they are not where Coach Beilein wants them to be, so obviously, I have to stay in touch with who they are looking at and who is serious." he explained.  "If it ends up that I go there, you got to know who you are going in with.  I got hooked up with talking to Trey from Christian Vaughn, whose dad is coaching Saginaw High.  He goes to my school now.  He just gave me (Zeigler's) number.  (Zeigler) is considering Michigan and is kind of in the same situation as I am in.  We might feel more comfortable about (going to Michigan) if kind of we did it together.  We are pretty cool now."

At this point, Lubick is still steering clear of naming a single favorite.  He is content to stay patient while thoroughly vetting all of his remaining suitors with the hope that one of them eventually evokes the feeling of certainty that he has been waiting for.

"I've got a lot of great, great coaches and programs after me," stated Lubick.  "I owe it to them and I owe it to myself to take a pretty serious look at everybody that I have been talking to for a while now because these schools have been involved with me for the long haul.  I am not going to say that I am going to (commit to a school) at a certain point.  There is really just no timetable (for making a decision).  "It is more just getting comfortable now.  When it feels right then there is just no point in holding it back any more."

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