Football Bust Tales

Our own Sam Webb got sick and could not cover Monday Night's Football Bust. But loyal Michigan-Man "CMGoBlue" has pitched in to provide some great stories from the festivities. Thanks Chad!

One of the highlights of every Michigan Bust is to hear the seniors speak about their experiences and also receive the coveted "M Ring." This year's speakers again proved to be gracious and quite funny at the same time. Here are a few highlights from Monday evening at the Laurel Manor in Livonia, Michigan.

Bennie Joppru had the best recruiting/first week of practice story. Unfortunately for Bennie, it was Coach Carr who broke the ice with the crowd with the story. The story goes that one day during the first week of practice coach Carr got a call from Mr. Joppru who asked, "Lloyd, have you seen Bennie?" Coach Carr said he had not but would see him at practice in a few minutes. Much to Carr's surprise, Mr. Joppru said that Bennie was at the local bus station wanting to come home! Lloyd told Mr. Joppru to keep young Ben on the phone and "I'll go get him." A few minutes later Carr arrived to find the future tight end still pleading his case to his Dad on the phone. Bennie was more than a bit startled to hear coach say, "Ben, time to go back to the office." When Bennie finally spoke he thanked Lloyd for "picking me up at the bus station."

One of the most memorable senior send-offs in recent memory was delivered by team MVP BJ Askew. BJ discussed his rocky relationship with Coach Carr, and his decision to go to fullback this season. However, what made it the best speech was that BJ cracked plenty of jokes and explained how and why he had "nightmares about Coach Carr" when he first got to Ann Arbor. Why? According to BJ, "I did not want to be late and have to scale the steps of Michigan Stadium at six in the morning!" He joked, "Cato can tell you all about that!" BJ saved the best for last as he told everyone about being stopped in Ohio heading back up to school last weekend. BJ said the State Trooper gave him grief about the game and in the end told him that if he would admit Ohio State was better, he would not receive a citation. BJ quickly shot back: "Give me the ticket!" Large applause from the crowd all around.

The last of the top speakers had to be Julius Curry and his eight minutes of picking on teammates. In fact, he spent so much time picking on players such as Chris Perry for making him laugh all season "with that moustache" that he forgot to thank the coaches! He had walk-on defensive back Blake Nasif do that for him a couple speakers later.

A few other highlights include Kirk Moundros falling off the stage on the way back to his seat, Jerry Hanlon telling BJ Askew that "I can not lie" when BJ asked him to say something nice about him, and Dan Rumishek thanking his uncle "for the beer money."

No surprises in who spoke, which may indicate that all the fourth year redshirts are heading back to Ann Arbor next season. The only senior that could not make it was Deitan Dubuc -- he got married on Sunday. Jerry Hanlon said it was a big mistake for him to miss the Bust since now that he is married, "He will never have the last word again."

All in all, we could not ask for a better group of young men to represent our fine University.

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