By the Numbers: Michigan "O" vs. Illinois "D"

Michigan "O" vs Illinois "D" -- weakness on weakness. Illinois is last in the conference in D, U-M is last in O. Can the U-M "O" hang onto the ball, and then move it, in the first half? If not against dead-last-D-Illinois, then who?

First the stats ... and then What does it all mean ....



Illinois lost 52-42 to Missouri Illinois beat Eastern Illinois, 47-21 Illinois beat Louisiana-Lafayette, 20-17 Illinois lost to PSU, 38-24 Illinois' Average points-given up: 33.25-32 ... dead last in the Big Ten.
Michigan is 11th in the league in scoring defense, giving up 22.8 per game.



Michigan Rushing: 136.2 yards per game, 10th in the B-10.
Illinois Rushing defense: 182.5 yards per game (2.31 yards per carry), 10th in the B-10.



Michigan Passing: 148.8 yards per game,11th in the Big Ten. U-M is 11th in the league in pass efficiency as well.
Illinois Passing defense: 5th in the B-10, giving up 201.5.8 yards per game. In pass efficiency defense, Illinois is 10th in the conference.



Michigan is last in the league in total offense, averaging 285 yards per game.
Illinois is 10th in total defense, allowing 384 yards per game.

Michigan is 11th in the league in 3rd down conversions, 26.4%.
Illinois is 11th in the league in 3rd down defense, allowing a 42.9% conversion rate.

Michigan is 11th in the league in Red Zone offense, scoring 70% of the time.
Illinois is 7th in the league in Red Zone defense, allowing a 78.6% scoring rate.

Michigan is 3rd in the league in sacks allowed, allowing just 3.
Illinois is 5th in the league in sacking the QB, with 9.

Michigan is 11th in the league in turnover margin (-4), Illinois is 10th (-2).


*What does this all say?*
Wow ... weakness on weakness, or what? However, the U-M O has been great in spurts ... hopefully the spurting will turn more into a steadt stream against a porous Illini defense.


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