UM/Ill Postgame: Coach Rod Presser Transcript

Rich Rodriguez reacts to his team's 45-20 loss to Illinois. Michigan's headman discussed the quarterback play, the bifg plays given up defensively, the fumbles, and more. The complete transcript.

Coach Rodriguez:  "I am very disappointed how we played.  I thought we would execute a lot better.  You got to give Illinois credit; they made some plays when they had to.  It starts with coaching.  We got to make sure as coaches that we get these guys to execute the schemes in all three phases and not have the big mistakes that are killing us and obviously the turnovers were an issue again.  We are not playing good football and when you don't, you're going to get beat.  It is very disappointing because I think sometimes we take a step forward and two steps back.  We are going to get back to work and get after it and try to keep getting better, try to do something to get four quarters of execution because this is ridiculous right now."

Question:  On the defense giving up big plays.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, I mean big play on both sides.  You know, the defense couldn't get off the field on third down and they made some plays, but I told the team, we are probably going to be sick when we watch the film, just seeing the break downs and the mistakes that we made, on offense and defense.  We aint good enough to play poorly and win.  I told you that a 100 times and that is the truth."

Question:  On if he has been staggered by how much adversity the team is going through.

Coach Rodriguez:  "We are going to get them.  I am expecting a lot, but I expect it would decrease that we could…we are not very good football team right now that is obvious.  We need to make steps in the right direction each week and again, we made some steps and then we digressed a little bit.  We got to get back to work and it starts with the coaches."

Question:  On why defense was so up and down

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't know.  I don't know all the answers until I watch film.  I don't know if it's because they made plays or we made mistakes, we will know what it is after we watch the film I am sure and I will get a little bit idea and talk to the defensive coaches tomorrow.  Again, they got some talented guys but how open some of those guys were is ridiculous, it should never happen that way.  We will have to see what it is."

Question: on if there is something that you can do about the fumbling.

Coach Rodriguez:  "If there was, do you think I wouldn't be doing it.  Do you think I like standing there watching it.  You think I want to stand there and watch us drop the ball.  You think it hasn't been addressed.  You got to be kidding me.  I have never seen nothing like it.  I had them work on it…I don't know if you can work on it more than we are working on it.  Put different guys back there whatever.  Martavious Odoms drops the ball that little guy has been playing his tail off the whole game, but the one time he dropped it low, they put a hat on it and he fumbles.  I am not going to drop him in the grease because of it, but we just got to be better fundamentally; we got to coach it better."

Question:  On why Steven Threet got hit more  today.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah I will have to watch the pass rush seeing if we didn't do a good job protecting, couple of times maybe if he got rid of the ball, I don't know.  There wasn't a whole lot of blitzing, a little bit of blitzing but most of the time it was the four man rush that got to him."

Question:  On if he found something in the return game?

Coach Rodriguez:  "No, we didn't score on one."

Question:  On Illinois' talent.

Coach Rodriguez:  "They're a very talented team and they have done a good job of increasing their talent.  We got some talented guys.  Some of our youth and inexperience shows a little bit.  Their quarterback is in his third year starting.  Ours this is his first time playing, there is a little bit of a difference there.  I think their quarterback is playing at a high level now, probably playing better than he was when he was a freshman is my estimation.  Again, we have got to play better."

Question:  It looked like you were guys in rhythm offensively starting 14-3, what kind of happened right there?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Lack of execution."

Question:  On if Darryl Stonum dressed.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Nope, he was not allowed to play today, violation of team rules, coach's decision."

Question:  On if he thought his defense was better equipped to defend the spread?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't know.  It didn't look like it today.  I thought we've played better.  I mean Utah got us pretty good in the first half of that game, but we made some adjustments in the second half, but I thought we would play better defensively today and we didn't."

Question:  More on Darryl Stonum.

Coach Rodriguez:  "That is all I am talking about him.  Let's talk about the guys who played."

Question:  On Calvin Magee's injury.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah he was in the press box.  He didn't come down to the field at halftime and before the game; he just stayed in the press box and communicated with me during the game."

Question:  On what happened.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah he slipped early in the morning.  I guess going into the restroom and then they had concerns if there was any heart issues.  I think he had an enlarged heart, but they did a bunch of tests, released him this morning and he was able to come over.  He is going to be fine.  I haven't seen him.  I know he has got a big bruised forehead."

Question:  On if he was hospitalized on Friday?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah last night.  He got out this morning."

Question:  On if this game put him on edge more than any other?

Coach Rodriguez:  "This one? I don't like losing.  I don't want to accept and I don't want anybody in this program to accept it.  It will never be accepted.  If it was a lack of effort, I would really be mad, but the lack of….I aint going to ever stand in front of any of ya'll after a loss and be happy, never.  Anybody in this program will never be happy.  Now is it the end of the world, no it's not, but we got execute better and we got to pay more attention to detail and we got to do a better job of coaching and that starts with me.  So, I'm mad and I'm mad beginning with me.  Got to get it right."

Question:  More on the defense?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, we were in some nickel and dime packages defensively and some odds stuff, so we did some different things, but again defensively I've got to watch the film, talk with the coaches and see where the breakdown was."

Question:  On if he made some miscalculations.

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't know; I know a lot better tomorrow.  I am in charge of the program and we didn't play well today, so I am mad.  Is there something wrong with that?   I mean, you want me to be happy when we lose, it aint going to happen…it aint going to happen."

Question:  On if some of the air went out when the team was down 24-14 and driving and Michael Shaw fumbled.

Coach Rodriguez:  "A little bit maybe, I don't know, it didn't come out of me.  Did it affect the players a little bit, I don't know, but we had the ball near midfield, moving a little bit finally and there it goes again, lack of execution."

Question:  Do you put that on Shaw or did you put that on Threet?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah it was a read and Mike didn't think he was sticking it in there, but he did, so."

Question:  On if he went away from Sam McGuffie in the second half because he wasn't productive.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah.  Man, we were trying everything.  We were trying anything.  Disappointing part in the first half, I wasn't happy with the first half because we thought we had some potential plays that were there.  I mean you all probably saw it.  We were close to having some what we thought were touchdown plays and we didn't execute and we lost some opportunities there and we can't afford to have those miss opportunities."

Question:  On if there were any bright spots

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah there are some things.  I think there are some things.  We're going to have search for them a little bit.  This is a talented team and we knew that coming in.  By no means was anybody in this program giving up on continuing to get better and our guys won't.  I got a good group of guys. They are going to work hard and they'll get back to work.  Like I said, we'll watch the film and probably a little sick to our stomachs on some of the plays that were there that we didn't make."

Question:  On if there were any injuries.

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't know of anything serious.  Kevin Grady got banged up a little bit early in the game, which limited him some, but I have to talk to the trainers."

Question:  On what needs to change at this point.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Play better, execute better."

Question:  On what needs to change at quarterback?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Play better, execute better."

Question:  On the why the offense wasn't more successful hitting plays downfield.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, we missed a few and it is not always on the quarterback.  Some is on protection and some is on the routes.  There are a few routes that weren't run precisely the way we want to and so we got to coach them up and they got to take it to heart, which they will, I really believe they will and get back to work tomorrow."

Question:  The offensive line changes you made were better do you think?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Again, it's hard to judge until I have watched the film and see.  I thought at moments we did, but other moments I thought maybe they got the better of us,  I don't know."

Question:  On if the big comeback victory over Wisconsin last week makes the loss to Illinois more disappointing.

Coach Rodriguez:  "I told you all before that we are not to the point where we can just show up…we are going to be grinding.  Let's face it, we are going to grind the rest of the year, but that's where we are at right now.  I am speaking to you in two, three, four years from now and saying every game is a grind and all that, then obviously we didn't build the program the right way.  Right now this year, we may have to grind and that is pretty obvious and when you do that, you cannot beat yourself.  Not that Illinois does not deserve the credit, because they do; they deserve the credit for winning the game, but we cannot afford to have Michigan beat Michigan or at least assist in that regard in any way, in any way and unfortunately that is what we are doing."

Question:  On Illinois' offensive success

Coach Rodriguez:  "They did a good job of protecting.  We didn't get a whole lot of sacks, maybe on a blitz, but there quarterback I think played outstanding.  I don't think they had turnover…did they have a turnover…they didn't have a turnover.  Obviously (Arrelious) Benn is a tremendous player; I thought running backs ran hard.  They broke through some tackling.  Our tackling was not very good today, but again they deserve the credit for that."

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