Calif. CB Leon Hall: What's Happening (and Not)

There are a lot of rumors flying around about Calif. cornerback Leon Hall. Here's the rumor debunking -- and the up-to-the-minute truth.

My strong opinions regarding cornerback Leon Hall (visit may be 'moved up', USC Nike Stats: 5-11, 175 lbs., 4.42 in the 40, 4.19 shuttle, 33 inch vertical jump) from Vista, Calif.

1. First off, there is no reaching him at this second. I've had three numbers for him since summer, all of which have been good for a time, then get disconnected. Not Leon's fault -- he's a great kid and a solid student in a less-than-ideal sitiation. Leon deserves a heck of a lot of credit. I hope/think I'll be able to reach him tomorrow.

2. One false rumor: that he has already committed to Michigan, as much as a month ago. Not true at all.

3. Second false rumor: he has already moved up his Michigan official visit (even to this weekend). Not true at all -- his team is still playing! Vista is in the SoCal semifinals this weekend; if they win then of course he plays next weekend as well. He would move up the visit if he could however.

4. Third false rumor: Michigan is slow-playing him by not moving up his visit. Not true at all -- Michigan wants him plenty! The non-moving of the visit is simply as stated above. He's a top-and-underrated prospect -- after him hard are Colorado, Washington and Nebraska (although his Nebraska recruiter was just fired) among others.

5. Rhetorical question: might he commit to Michigan soon, before his visit? It IS possible: when I get his number (hopefully tomorrow) and call him, I'll let you know!

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