Grand Prairie Head Coach on Dewayne Peace

GBW talks with South Grand Prairie Head Coach Robert Davies about 2009 Michigan commit Dewayne Peace. What position suits him best in college? And, most importantly, is his U-M commitment firm?

GoBlueWolverine: What type of player is Dewayne Peace on the field for your football team?

Coach Davies: He has the ability to make a big play whenever we have needed it. He has repeatedly done it for us this year -- whether it is running the ball, catching the ball, as a return guy on special teams. He has just been that special guy for our team.

Go BlueWolverine: Have the Michigan coaches talked to you about what positions they are looking to use him at, or at least start him out at, when he arrives in ann Arbor?

Coach Davies: I think what is so appealing about Dewayne is he can be a wide receiver or a defensive back, and I know he had been told that he will play slot receiver at Michigan ... and I think that is what he really wants to do at the next level.

GoBlueWolverine: Is there interest from him to graduate early, enroll in Michigan in January, and be able to participate in spring football?

Coach Davies: I do not believe he can do that the way our school is set up ... along with I think he wants to enjoy his senior year in high school and not rush getting to college.

GoBlueWolverine: Being a wide receiver in high school, does he have the frame to be able to add necessary weight but still keep his speed at the college level?

Coach Davies: Yea, no question. He could add fifteen pounds and still be as fast, and he'll even be better once he gets into college strength and conditioning program at Michigan. Absolutely he has a nice frame and all the tools to be successful at Michigan as a wide receiver.

GoBlueWolverine: There are rumors around that Dewayne might want to take another look around to other programs to make sure Michigan is the right fit for him ...?

Coach Davies: Well other programs have continued to recruit him, especially how Michigan has struggled so far this year. So that might be how these things get started, but I am not sure he is interested in talking with them. He knows that Michigan is changing their complete offense and that it will take time for Coach Rod to get his players and his system. He and I have not talked about visiting other programs. As far as I know he is firmly committed to Michigan.

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