UM/Toledo Postgame Presser Transcript

Rich Rodriguez reacts to his team's 13-10 loss to Toledo. Michigan's headman discussed injuries, team morale, how his team wil try to bounce back, and more. The complete transcript.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Obviously very disappointed, still frustrated, not playing well.  Get one thing corrected, it's another thing.  We got to hang in their and go back to work, but this will hurt 24 hours for sure.  We got to make sure that it doesn't hurt longer than that because we got a top 10 team coming up next week.  As coaches, we just got to go back and see where were at again and try to do a better job and get ready for the next one."

Question:  Can you talk about the decision to play Nick Sheridan in the second half?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Really wasn't much choice.  Steve bruised his elbow on his throwing arm at halftime, or before half and so he really couldn't throw anyways.  He was struggling a little bit anyway, but with the bruise and everything on top of that, we had to go with Nick.  He competed, he made some things that got away from him, some throws and decisions but that is where we're at; we had a few guys go out.  Injuries are going to happen, just the next guy has got to come in and play."

Question:  Is your main concern right now keeping these players from getting discouraged?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah.  Obviously the seniors and everybody, you want them to enjoy their last year as much as they can and the best we can do it is to win games.  We will circle the wagons up and tell them that there is still a lot of things still out there.  Everybody knows we can play better.  I thought we had a pretty good week of practice and got some things corrected, it just didn't show up."

Question:  A couple of guys didn't play today Brandon Graham, Donovan Warren; where they able to go or did you just…?

Coach Rodriguez:  "No not really and Donovan really tried, but he couldn't go.  Martavious Odoms, he wasn't able to protect himself.  Like I said, it is all kind of things hitting us, it seems like at the wrong time.  The next guy has got to step up and we got to realize we got to play a lot of quality players, and they [other teams] are going to have good plans against us and unfortunately Toledo executed better than we did."

Question:  What did they do offensively?

Coach Rodriguez:  "They hadn't shown the spread as much and thrown it much, but having probably watched their film and seeing that we had struggled with it, it didn't really surprise me.  Again at some point we tried to make some adjustments but inevitably playing in space again hurt us at times.  We missed a lot more tackles it seemed today than we had in early weeks."

Question:  Is Brandon Minor hurt?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, they took him to the hospital; hurt his ribs in the first half.  So he was unable to return."

Question:  Do you think that this team will okay?  Do you have a sense that this might be anything that will linger?

Coach Rodriguez:  "No, I don't think it is a lingering thing."

Question:  There have been turnovers, fumbles and all that but the two interceptions today seemed today seemed to be right there in the hands?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah obviously the one down inside the 10 yard line there was crucial because it takes points away and it gave them an easy seven.  You would like to think that you could come back from that.  They did a nice job of controlling the clock, particularly in the second half; we didn't have a lot of possessions.  The turnover thing; I don't think they had any, but ours were certainly hurtful."

Question:  Brandon Minor during the touchdown?

Coach Rodriguez:  "His ribs."

Question:  I mean the touchdown is that where he got hurt?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah."

Question:  Rich, a week ago after the loss against Illinois you sounded mad about what happened.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah I was."

Question:  Today you sound a little down.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah I am down, disappointed.  I would think everybody is.  It is just disappointing that we aren't playing better.  It starts with us coaches trying to get them to a point where they can play better.  The guys are still trying.  Their attitude has been good in practice and has been good in meetings and we got to keep it that way."

Question:  Are they starting to question what you and the coaches…?

Coach Rodriguez:  "No.  You mean as far as scheme wise and stuff?"

Question:  Scheme, separation, called out the players earlier this week.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Naw, I didn't…let's not mistake it.  I didn't call the players.  I said that we could play more aggressive at times, that it wasn't one individual, that it was different guys at different times.  I told the players, and they knew that too, that we could play more aggressive at times; and I think we did that in some cases today.  I have got an outstanding staff.  The preparation, the plan is all there, but again the results aren't. We've got to do all we can as coaches to get these guys in position to make plays, and hopefully we can make it."

Question:  For perspective, is this something that you've been through before?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, I have been through it before.  All that is in the past, so I am not going to lay down, the players aren't going to lay down, and the coaches aren't going to lay down.  We will get right back to work starting this evening and go back to practice tomorrow and get it fixed.  There ain't no quit.  Nobody is going to lay down here.  They're going to get back to work, and I feel good about the players getting back to work; I know the coaches will."

Question:  Rich, did you see the field goal, can you tell what went wrong?

Coach Rodriguez:  "No.  It looked like a good snap and hold; he just missed it.  He has been pretty reliable I think throughout this his career, [he has] struggled maybe the last couple of weeks.  It is one of those things.  This never goes down to one play.  There are lots of plays I am sure we would like to have back."

Question:  Coach, you expect the players to take 24 hours and move on; is that going to be something that is going to be hard for you to do this week?

Coach Rodriguez:  "No, I got to.  If I am going to tell them, I got to do the same thing.  So 24 hours, get it fixed, and you have to because you don't want to have this game beat you twice.  That old coaching saying, you don't want this game to beat you two times, so you do what you can to get ready and see how healthy we can get in a week and go out there and try to complete like crazy."

Question:  It seems like Sam McGuffie was better than he has been in other weeks?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, Sam was running hard.  He runs pretty hard.  We just didn't quite break the long one.  We didn't get any long ones.  So I will have to see if they just did a great job tackling or what.  We had a few things that were there.  [Toledo] didn't do anything surprises defensively, did a few things that we had adjusted to; but [we] didn't make any sustained drive it didn't seem like."

Question: Was Steve already hurt on the little wheel route that he ran with Mark Moundrous when he was wide open and he sort of flipped it there?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I'm not sure when he got hit on the elbow.  It wasn't particularly sharp on some of his throws at times, but it wasn't his elbow; it wasn't early.  He just came off the sidelines and one route we hit, he said he kind of babied it in there instead of throwing it.  Sometimes you press a little bit; and that could be as coaches, we're trying to reinforce getting better and better, and maybe they are pressing a little bit, I don't know.  We got a lot to work on."

Question:  On the senior leadership on this team.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, I am really proud of the seniors.  We don't have but one on offense; Mike Massey, so some underclassmen have helped Mike.  On defense we have quite a few senior leaders, and they have been good and they will have to continue to be such.  A lot is talked about the attitude and all that, but I feel confident that our guys, particularly our senior leaders on defense, will do a good job and get everybody back up for this weekend coming."

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