Montgomery Names Leaders, Shares Revelation

Sam Montgomery, a 4-star DE out of Greenwood HS (SC) can't be a high school football player. One look at the physically-imposing specimen and after having a single conversation with the young man, you come away thinking that he must be a college junior or senior. Scout caught up with the rather garrulous Montgomery and you don't want to miss what he had to say.

Sam Montgomery, a 4-star DE out of Greenwood HS (SC) can't be a high school football player.  One look at the physically-imposing specimen and you will immediately think that he is a first or second-year college player.  After having a single conversation with the young man, you come away thinking that he must be a college upper-classman.  Neither, obviously, is true as Montgomery is a senior this year, but the way way that the #7 DE in the country carries himself places him years ahead of his age.  Scout caught up with the rather garrulous Montgomery and you don't want to miss what he had to say.

Montgomery is one of the most explosive players in the class, period.

How is the season going?

It's going pretty good," he said.  "Well, actually kind of rough right now.  We have played some of the top teams in the state and have lost the majority of those games."

Playing these teams gives us more experience and should make us better."

How are you doing individually?

"I have moved positions a lot," he shared.  "Middle Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, 5 Technique and 3 Technique."

You seem to be the ideal team player, one who will do whatever it takes to help your team, so I'm sure that you have embraced these moves.  But, how has all of the moving affected your production?

"I have 70 total tackles, 15 TFL, 8 Sacks, 5 Forced Fumbles, 2 Recovered Fumbles and 2 Batted Passes," he said."

Do you have a role on offense?

"I play offense in certain situations."

Talk about recruiting.  You are obviously a hot commodity and have been receiving a lot of attention, and the time is drawing near for you to narrow your choices.  Where do you stand?

"Before we talk about recruiting, can you do me a favor?" he asked.  "Can I give somebody a Shout Out?"

I oblige.

"I want to give a Shout Out to my grandparents who celebrated their 57th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend, and their names are David and Lillian Adams," he said.

I also want to give a Shout Out to my Aunt Hannah Sharper, the Assistant Principal at West Florence."

In regard to recruiting, how small can you make your list and can you tell me a little about each school?

"Yes Sir," he said.  "I have a Top Ten, but there is no order."

LSU—love the atmosphere and I would love to get to know Earl Lane, because he is a great DL coach--They will get an Official Visit.
USC—recently lost some of their Defensive Ends and are looking for nice quality players to contribute—they told me not to come there unless I want to play as a freshman and go to the league--They will get an Official Visit.
Clemson—(This interview was conducted before the dismissal of Coach Bowden) Coaches Vic Koenning, Ron West and Chris Rumph are all close to me.  The program might be struggling but they need impact players to come in and contribute early, to come in and get sacks and get in the backfield.  They say that I might play Bandit.
Michigan—the Wolverines...something I really have in my heart because I love Detroit.  That's why they got thrown on the list.  They have a family atmosphere and I love Coach Rodriguez.  They have been losing to some unranked teams but I'm all about going and helping it to get better--They will get an Official Visit.
South Carolina—Brad Lawing (DL) and John Hunt (OL) have done a lot for me.  I feel like I am a lot like (current DE) Eric Norwood, so I feel like I could do well in their system.  They have the #1 defense and I would love to be a part of it.  Justice Cunningham is a great friend of mine and he can help the offense and I can help the defense—we can both be a be a part of that great program.
Oklahoma State—(Mom's Favorite) They really have done a lot of things fore me, and have actually gone ahead and fixed up the basketball situation for me.  I talked to the basketball coach and if my grades are high, then I have a spot on both teams—Trooper Taylor went ahead and locked it down for me.  I'm going to take an official visit so that I can make sure, so that I can possibly make my dream happen--That way I can say that I did it.  But, the only way that it works is that I maintain passing grades all year.  What that means is that I have to get the work done, because I want to play Basketball--They will get an Official Visit.
UNC—first of all, JOHN BLAKE...I have got to give it to my boy.  In the defensive office even the small people count.  He has the defense going, that's for sure.  I would feel comfortable just going there and living and playing football.  I just love everything about that place.  They've got that program turned around over there.  Donte Moss is already going and this is a program that is definitely on the rise.
Miami—the U…I haven't talked to the Miami people in a long time but I want them to know that I am still interested in the program—I love how the players love the U and I want to see what that is all about.  Nobody knows this but I was so close to committing.  I told my mom that I was going but they stopped calling me.  I had the logo up on MYSPACE, but they just let me down and I had to take it down.  I used to pick the U when I would play Madden, but not any more.  I actually called them, probably three times.  If you notice in my earlier interviews, I always talked about Miami.  Then this happened.  Just to prove a point...there are only five DL coaches in the country that I know by name.  I know Rump at Clemson, Brad Lawing at South Carolina, John Blake at UNC, Earl Lane at LSU and Clint Hurt at Miami, so that means a lot if I know that.  Miami had me but they stopped calling, just flat-out stopped.  I was going on an official, but since they have been slacking, I won't be taking one.  Oklahoma State snuck up and took Miami's spot for that Official.
Oregon—(Mom's favorite) I did my research and really feel like this would help me to become a CPA.  Based on the business opportunities, this would be a great and wise investment.  Businesses are great around there and I would get to play in the Pac-10, which is great competition.  I would get the ultimate education and establish great, Nike could provide some really great opportunities in the business world.
Alabama—Saban is the truth and I love the man.  They are on a roll and are spanking people.
Tennessee—might have to bleed orange...
N.C. State—last but not least, N.C. State.  Before anybody else came calling, they gave me my first offer. They showed interest, saw my talent and I respect that. It's in a really comfortable place and I could probably play both (football and basketball) there, too.  The coaches are trying to do it right and are close to succeeding.  They are seriously just a few players away.

Is this list fairly reflective of where things stand, or do you see things changing down the road?

"I feel good about my list and have a good idea of which way I am leaning," he shared.  "But if somebody can get back on it, more power to them."  

Burke Hayes is the Southeastern Regional Manager for Football Recruiting at Scout.

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