UM/Penn State Postgame Presser Transcript

Rich Rodriguez reacts to his team's 46-17 loss to Penn State. Michigan's headman discussed injuries, team morale, how his team wil try to bounce back, and more. The complete transcript.

Question:  Is there something drastic that changed that you noticed in your offense in the first 13 minutes, early in the second quarter?

Coach Rodriguez:  "We executed for a while and then we didn't.  That's what happened.  We executed, we moved the ball a little bit and when we didn't, we didn't."

Question:  What's Steven Threet's health?

Coach Rodriguez:  "It's his elbow again."

Question:  Do you think the shot by #95 where he…?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't know where he hurt it at but it affected him and so he was out for a little bit and then he got the feeling back and he came back in."

Question:  Are you concerned that that could be a long term thing now?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I'm not a doctor."

Question:  Rich how frustrating is this when you see what this team did for the first 1 1/2 quarters just like they did against the second half of Wisconsin, but they can't play four quarters like that.

Coach Rodriguez:  "It's frustrating when you don't execute.  It's frustrating when you don't tackle.  It's frustrating when you give up a third and 10 screen play for a touchdown.  It's frustrating when you can't bring a kickoff past the 20.  It's frustrating when you can't cover a kick; lots of frustrations.  A lot of guys played their tails off and played hard.  We got something there that we can build on.  That is a goo thing."

Question:  Can you talk about the decision to start Brandon Minor over Sam McGuffie?

Coach Rodriguez:  "What about it?"

Question:  Just what went into it?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Brandon is playing pretty good.  He has been considered a starter since day one, but he hasn't been healthy and he has been the healthiest; he got banged up in the ribs.  He has been taking every rep in practice, playing physical and he is a tough guy and I thought he ran pretty well today."

Question:  Do you still have any confidence in Nick Sheridan as a backup?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Nick's alright.  He didn't play well at times today, but they had something to do with that too."

Question:  Justin Feagin was warming up at some point…?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah we were going to put him in there.  We had practiced him, but we thought Steve was doing okay and we thought Nick would be okay too.  Justin, I don't know if that is environment to put him in there.  Limited with his package, because he hasn't been able to practice much at quarterback."

Question:  How much does it start to snowball even on defense when the offense isn't moving the ball?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't know.  Defense has got to go out there and stop people.  No matter what situation, defense has got to go out there and stop people.  They made some nice stops today and then at other times, we let them out of situations."

Question:  What made you put Tim McAvoy back in at left guard.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Trying to score points."

Question:  How good is that Penn State team?

Coach Rodriguez:  "They're really good.  They're well coached.  They've got an outstanding program.  Heck JoePa has had 43 years to build his program, he's done a darn good job; I've had nine months.  He is one of the best.  I don't know if his records will ever be broken.  In our profession, obviously he is an icon; the way he has built his program, success he's had.  He's got a great staff and some outstanding players.  We're building ours right now and we're in the middle of a process.  It is frustrating; we're going to keep grinding ahead."

Question:  How much was this team's demise in the second half mental?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't know.  Sometimes it's a play; they make a play.  I don't know getting a sack in the end zone was mental.  Maybe he should have thrown it, maybe, I don't know; he was trying.  As far as mental confidence, what have you, I don't know about all that."

Question:  Is Carson Butler going to move to defense?

Coach Rodriguez:  "He ain't playing tight end, because Kevin Koger is the starting at tight end and Mike Massey is the backup."

Question:  Were there any signs of encouragement from the first couple of drives of what the offense is going to look like?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah.  We moved the ball pretty well against a pretty good team, but the idea is to keep doing it."

Question:  Was there anything in common with the Illinois game, in the second quarter did you kind of have a flashback?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I don't flashback in the middle of the game.  I flashback to the last play, the last drive.  I ain't looking for perspective in the middle of a game.  I am looking at how we are going to do things to win the game.  All that mental stuff, whatever, goes through the guy's mind; it ain't through my mind.  We got to focus on the moment.  What we're doing right now to try and win this game."

Question:  On if there was anything consistent in terms of strategy.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Must be something, you're asking questions.  Other than we got off to good start in both games offensively and then we quit executing.  I felt comfortable.  The guys were doing a good job up front, I think.  Obviously Brandon was running well.  I wish we had a few passes back that I think we thought we could hit, but that is always the case."

Question: Whey do you think Threet was so successful against Penn State's defense in the first half?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Steve is a pretty solid player.  He is a competitive guy.  The guys did a good job up front I thought.  That is a pretty good front, some pass rushers that they have and I thought the guys did a pretty good job for the most part."

Question:  Did he have a tougher time managing the pain or did it get worse, the elbow.

Coach Rodriguez:  "I'm still not a doctor.  I just know the trainer says he couldn't go, I said okay, ‘put the next guy in'.  When he said he could go, I said, ‘okay good, put him back in'.'

Question:  Michigan had gone 11 years without a loss, is that something you brought up with the team today and what does it feel to have that…?

Coach Rodriguez:  "I've been at Michigan nine months, nine months."

Question:  It was an angry locker room after Illinois, quiet apparently last week.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Well I am a little upset.  That is probably obvious, but I would expect that everybody would be if you lose.  I would hope.  Everybody is a little upset when you lose, 24 hours, win or lose and then you move on to the next one."

Question:  Lou Holtz made a comparison last night unflattering, your AD addressed it with ESPN today; did you hear the comment, what's your reaction to that?

Coach Rodriguez:  "My reaction is ignorance.  I have no idea what you're talking about."

Question:  The comment was regarding Hitler. One of the guys said, something about leadership and Holtz said, "Well Hitler was a good leader too" with regards to your first nine months on the job.

Coach Rodriguez:  "What is the correlation there?  I don't know where his correlation is."

Question:  Can you talk about the atmosphere in Beaver Stadium today; how much did that impact the players?

Coach Rodriguez:  "It's a good atmosphere.  I think we got a great one at our place too.  I don't think we had any false start penalties did we?  Our guys handled that.  For the young guys, for a redshirt freshman quarterback, I thought they handled the noise, the crowd, whatever pretty well.  The O-lineman didn't have any false start penalties.  We had the big holding penalty, but other than that, we didn't have a whole lot of penalties."

Question:  Is Sam McGuffie healthy; because he had very carries today?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah, we chose to run Minor more."

Question:  You had Avery Horn later on, Sam earlier just trying to get something in the returns?

Coach Rodriguez:  "Yeah.  Gosh, you know, it is really frustrating on kickoff return how we can't execute better.  We have tried a lot back there; we just got to keep working on it.  It seems like we're starting every drive uphill, having to go 80 yards and they're starting every drive downhill, going 50 yards.  Obviously that is a huge factor in several of our games and we just got to get it right."

Question:  Rich you said that you look at Michigan and you've on been there last nine months; how do you think some of the seniors are feeling, especially about the streak, think it matters to them?

Coach Rodriguez:  "What streak are you talking about?"

Question:  The streak against Penn State, the nine straight wins.

Coach Rodriguez:  "Aw that is a phenomenon streak.  Shoot that is something to be very proud of; the guys that won those nine games in a row.  I mean that is tremendous against a program as quality as Penn State, yeah.  I think that is something that they can brag about and all that, but we've got great tradition.  I have always said that.  We'll embrace it, but it is not going to get a first down or score points or make a stop.  Our guys have got to focus on the moment.  For our seniors – I feel for our seniors, because they are trying as they can, I think for the most part.  That is a great accomplishment for the guys that won the nine in a row.  What I saw when I came out here to the scoreboard was 0-0 when we got started."

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