QB Coach Rod Smith Speaks

Coach Smith talks about Steven Threet's injury situation in detail – the how's, the why's, and the what's; plus regarding Nick Sheridan and Justin Feagin.

Question: How is Steven Threet doing and did he reinjure the elbow?

Rod Smith: "Yeah he reinjured the same elbow. The same thing happened to him. He lost the feeling in it, couldn't throw. Sat him out a series, tried to rehab it over there. Said he got some feeling back in, we brought him back in, I think a couple of series later and he got hit on it again, in the side. We just trying to keep him healthy. The kid is fighting. Just got to try and keep him healthy."

Question: Is it bothering him on any of those series before the half?

Rod Smith: "Naw, I don't think so. I don't think it was. I think it was more in the second half. I am not 100% sure, but I think so."

Question: Obviously you have to be concerned with the big drop off from him to the other quarterbacks, especially Nick Sheridan; is there something that you can do; is there something that Nick can do to counteract that?

Rod Smith: "We got to find some play somehow once Steve goes out. I thought Steve did some good things. We got to get someone to step up and fill his shoes if he is not in there."

Question: Is Justin Feagin realistic?

Rod Smith: "We thought about going with Justin a little bit tonight. We had a package for him, but I guess the circumstances in the course of the game, just didn't quite get to it. We were prepared to play Justin possibly sparingly. There is a certain package that Justin may do, but we didn't get to it yet."

Question: Can you talk about the things that you guys were doing well before Steve got banged up?

Rod Smith: "First of all, I thought Brandon Minor ran the ball extremely well the first half. Pretty much the whole game he did. He ran hard, the kid played hard. I think we established the run game, so that was the good part. Steve did a couple throws early on and opened some things up. Back to what we said, I think we played two quarters; we got to play four. We got to play four to win a ball game, particularly against a good team like this."

Question: Might you have to run Steve less if this injury continues to bother him?

Rod Smith: "Possibly. He didn't get hurt on the run, he got hurt when he was throwing it. He got hit on the sack. When we did play action and the kid came from the back side, that is where he hurt it. He ran the ball well tonight to be honest with you. Gave him a couple of things, we tried it and he ran, felt comfortable. He likes doing that once in a while. We just keep on working."

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