Brandon Graham: beyond-determined to beat MSU

Brandon Graham has plenty of fight left in him -- that's Brandon! In fact he is beyond-determined to beat Michigan State this week – read on to see what he says about Saturday's instate match-up.

Question: Brandon, are you discouraged at this point, as you get through these, you're two and five?

Brandon Graham: "Naw, I am not really discouraged. It is just, we lost. We losing, two and five, you don't want to be it, but that is what it is. You leave it out there on the field. I don't know how to feel about it -- but I am not discouraged. I am going to keep fighting."

Question: How much are you worried going into Michigan State that this is going to carry over, obviously such an important game for the state for you obviously?

Brandon Graham: "We're going to come out. We're going to work hard this week. I don't think that we are ever losing to (Michigan) State. I'm feeling like we not going to lose to State.. We going to work hard; we're going to win."

"We're not going to lose to State."

Question: Coach Rodriguez in the locker room was a little bit different than last week, what did he say to you guys in the locker room?

Brandon Graham: "Keep fighting, keep working. We're doing some good things out there. Just keep going 100% -- that is all he said."

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