Ouimet's Top 25 (going into Dec. 7 weekend)

Ouimet's Top 25
(Week 16, going into Dec. 7 weekend)

1. Miami (Fl.) – QB Ken Dorsey, RB Willis McGahee, and the Hurricanes played like the number one team in the country this week against Syracuse right from the start. They host Virginia Tech at home and than head to the Fiesta Bowl.

2. Ohio State – They aren't even the best team in the Big Ten, but will end up playing for the National Championship in Arizona on January 3.

3. Iowa – Does Brad Banks really have a shot at the Heisman? The Hawkeye's are just sitting back and watching the other team's battle for bowl position.

4. Georgia – Didn't get caught looking ahead and put Georgia Tech away without a problem. RB Musa Smith became the Bulldogs first 1,000 yard rusher in a decade with 121 yards and a touchdown. Shouldn't have a problem with the slow offense of Arkansas next week in Atlanta.

5. Kansas State – They are playing well as anyone else in the country right now, but will have to wait to see what happens in the Big 12 Championship game.

6. USC – Another hot team in the country with QB Carson Palmer leading the way with 425 yards passing and four touchdowns against a very over rated Notre Dame team. An earlier loss to Kansas State has them out of the Top 5.

7. Oklahoma – A loss to Les Miles and Oklahoma State will bring the Sooners into the Championship game with something to prove against Colorado. It is a must win to get a BCS bid or who knows where they might end up.

8. Texas – QB Chris Simms will leave Texas as the only QB to beat the Aggies three straight years in Longhorn history with 278 yards passing and three touchdowns this past weekend.

9. Washington State – Must win this weekend versus UCLA on the road, so this might be their only trip to the Rose Bowl this year with Gesser still on crutches with a bad ankle.

10. Penn State – RB Larry Johnson might get my Heisman vote depending on what QB Ken Dorsey does from Miami next weekend. Look for the Lions to get an invitation to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.

11. Alabama – Its first ten win season since 1992 and reached double figures in victories a NCAA record 27th time. The Tide will not be bowl bound, so they will have to wait and see if they can crack the Top 10 this year.

12. Notre Dame – They were completely dominated by the Trojans and QB Carson Palmer. We will find out their bowl fate soon and also find out if they deserve this ranking, because this team has been over ranked all year.

13. Michigan – Headed to the Outback bowl on January 1 and probably will play Florida. Can the Wolverines bring a defense that can stop the Gator offense and QB Rex Grossman? The Wolverines will need to bring some different schemes that will free up Victor Hobson and Shantee Orr with key losses to the Linebackers.

14. Colorado – The Buffaloes ran wild on the Cornhuskers again, but this time it wasn't RB Chris Brown. Are they ready to take on the Sooners who will come into this game fighting after a tough loss to Oklahoma State?

15. West Virginia – What a turn around from last years 3-8, but with RB Avon Cobourne's 1593 yards with a 5.1 per carry average they are the second best team in the Big East. Coach Rodriquez looks like they are headed to the Gator Bowl against North Carolina State, so we will find out if they deserve this ranking.

16. Virginia Tech – RB Lee Suggs ran for 108 yards and two touchdowns against Virginia this past weekend. Next up his the Hurricanes on the road and the Hokies could make history if they could muster a win in this weekend's game.

17. Boise State – Coach Bleymaier and the Broncos have accepted a bid to the Humanitarian Bowl, which they have won the last two times they've played in it against Louisville and UTEP.

18. North Carolina State – The Wolfpack will be headed to the Gator Bowl with that big win over Florida State two weeks ago and will play West Virginia.

19. Florida State – They did win the ACC conference and just beat Florida at home, which will probably have them headed to the Sugar Bowl. QB Chris Rix got his second chance and made the must of it with RB Leon Washington having the workload on the ground with 134 yards.

20. Auburn – After beating Alabama and a few losses of other teams the Tigers are back into the Top 20. They will probably face a Big Ten team in the bowl game and we will find out if they deserve this ranking.

21. Maryland – The first time in school history with back to back 10 win seasons, which brings a bowl invitation from the Peach bowl after defeating Wake Forest this past weekend.

22. Arkansas – QB Matt Jones led the Razorbacks down the field with two passes and a come from behind win against LSU in Little Rock, Arkansas. This win brings them to Atlanta with a game against Georgia and a BCS bid at stake.

23. Florida – The Gators still haven't one in Tallahassee since 1986 and with too many mistakes in this game it wasn't going to happen this year either. A date against Michigan in the Outback bowl is a high possibility and is a game that would bring a great match up.

24. LSU – A come from behind win by Arkansas has dropped the Tigers down to this spot, but it wasn't without a big day from QB Marcus Randall.

25. South Florida – With 19 Straight wins at home in Raymond James Stadium and only second to the Miami Hurricanes I can't leave this team out of the Top 25. With the hidden gem at Quarterback in Marquel Blackwell and being an independent with a 9-2 record they deserve this ranking. They don't have an automatic qualifier, but if they can get an invitation you will see why they are in my Top 25.


Colorado State – With three losses and the loss to UNLV this past weekend I couldn't justify why to keep them in the Top 25, but with the Rams accepting the bid to the Liberty bowl they will probably play a team from Conference USA.

Marshall – This team doesn't deserve to be in the Top 25 yet, but with a MAC Championship and a bowl win they could sneak into the Top 25.

Pittsburgh – Back to back losses to Miami and West Virginia they are out of my Top 25 until they beat a team to improve their 8-4 record.

Colorado State – With the loss to UNLV this past weekend I couldn't justify why to keep them in the Top 25, but with the Rams accepting the bid to the Liberty bowl they will probably play a team from Conference USA.

UCLA – A loss two weeks ago to USC which was just as bad as Notre Dame loss to the Trojans this past weekend, but a must win against Washington State to get into the Top 25.

Toledo – This is make it or break it for Toledo against Marshall for the Championship after a huge win against Bowling Green and Coach Meyer.

Virginia – With back to back wins versus North Carolina State and Maryland at home the Cavaliers were close, but a loss to Virginia Tech on the road they will need a big bowl win to get back into the Top 25.

Hawaii – A tough loss to Alabama this past weekend still keeps them out of my Top 25, but up next is San Diego State this weekend which will be a high scoring affair.

Tennessee – Two back to back 24-0 wins against Vanderbilt and Kentucky has them at 8-4. With a bowl win they will get into the Top 25, because it will be a quality team, which might even be the wolverines again down in Florida.

TCU – A close win against Memphis at home and the Horned Frogs are probably the best team in Conference USA.

Boston College – This team might surprise someone at a bowl and sneak into the top 25.

Arizona State – Probably the third best team in the PAC Ten and with a road win at Arizona gets them on this list. Watch for this team during bowl time and don't be surprised if they win.

Oregon State – A middle of the road team in the PAC Ten but with a win in a bowl game they might stay on this list.

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