Midwest Foes Duking it Out Over White

Livonia Stevenson RB Austin White was a late addition to the list of top juniors at the Michigan/Michigan State last weekend, and after viewing the game he came away with positive things to say about both programs. They are not the only schools on his mind these days though. A few other Midwest programs are in hot pursuit as well.

Livonia Stevenson RB Austin White's second visit to Ann Arbor this fall proved to be more memorable than the first.  There was a great deal of excitement in the air when he made his way to ton for the season opener against Utah, but the vibe Saturday proved to be more memorable.  The festive atmosphere for the Michigan/Michigan State clash was impressive…and so too was the time he had soaking it all in.

"It was a really fun environment," White said.  "I had a really good time at the game.  It was a good game too, so that made it better.  I liked it a lot.  Everyone was really hype.  It was nice to see two teams I really like play.  It was cool.  I talked to Coach Jackson the running backs coach… (and even more) when I was up at their camp (last summer).  I like him a lot.  He reminds me a lot of my dad actually with just the way he is.  He tells it like it is, and I like that a lot.  He is a really good coach. I like talking to him when I'm up there."

Smith also had a chance to chat with his primary recruiter, Rod Smith while in town.  The two seem to be connecting well early in the recruiting process.

"Coach Smith actually made it out to my game two weeks ago I think against South Lyon East," White recalled.   "In a few letters that I've read from him and when I talked to him in person he just seems really excited…and so am I because when I picked up that offer I was really excited about that.  He was just letting me know that I was exactly what they were looking for in their backfield for their kind of offense.  It was really cool to talk to him and reading those letters was pretty exciting too."

Smith hasn't been the only Big Ten assistant maintaining consistent contact though.  In addition, Notre Dame is staying in the mix as well.

"I talk to Coach Smith (from Michigan) of course, Coach Enos from Michigan State, Coach Brown from Notre Dame, Coach DelVaughn from Wisconsin, and Coach Parker from Iowa," White stated.

"I've been talking to Coach Brown since the summer.  He let me know that they're interested because my dad works with his father-in law.  His father-in law told him about me.  He said that they were interested and everything and that they were going to take their time.  It was cool… they invited me to a game and I went there.  I talked to them and it was just a fun time."

"Michigan State has been on me the longest.  (Coach Enos) sent me an email a couple of weeks ago.  He said that if I went to state in their style of offense I'd get a lot of carries from the backfield and stuff like that.  It has been pretty good talking to him and they're good guys and stuff like that. They really want me to go to state and wear Green & White."

"I went to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago, and it was really fun up there.  I want to try (to go on other visits), but it is going to be kind of hard because the playoffs are starting and it's going to take a lot more focus and hard work for the season.  If I have any time, yeah I'd love to go see another game.  I also got offered by Iowa a couple of days ago, so I want to go see them and talk to them a little bit more about their program."

For now, talking is all White plans on doing.  While other 2010 prospects are busy cutting their recruitments short, the speedy tailback has held firm on his intent to take a more patient approach to the process.

"I think it is way too early right now," he said.  "I just want to see what else happens.  I think it's one of the most important decisions I'll make because it's not just where I want to play football, it's where I'm going to have to live for four years.  I want to make a decision that I'm going to like and stick with and not have to regret later on."

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