Recruiting Rankings

Things may change a lot in the next few days, coming out of the first big recruiting weekend -- but going into this week here is The Insiders' Jamie Newburg's team recruiting rankings.

Southern Cal and Auburn have made big jumps this week in the big recruiting race. Southern Cal moved up eight spots to secure the No. 8 spot in the team recruiting rankings. They landed three verbals, with the huge one coming from offensive line prospect Drew Radovich. The Auburn Tigers moved up ten spots to No. 9 after getting commitments from one of the nationís top kickers, King Dunlap.

Overall, there was no movement in the top five. R.C. Slocum. But that is subject to change now of course.

Click on the link below to review the team recruiting rankings: Top 25 Recruiting Classes

Note - We have also added a few wrinkles to each team such as average star rankings, average prospect rank of commitment, the headliner commit thus far and the "big fish on the hook." The later represents the biggest name prospect out there that that team has a good chance of signing. Obviously, with three months until Signing Day, the numbers and names will change. Junior College commitments will be included and so will some soft commitments. The definition of a soft commitment is a prospect publicly committing to a school but openly considering others. If we feel secure that he will honor the commitment, despite taking trips, we will include them with that team's commitment list. This is part of the subjective rankings. There is a key of definitions below the Top 25 table.

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