Miller Has Big House Daydream

Orlando Dr. Phillips junior WR Ricardo Miller committed to Michigan despite never seeing a game at Michigan Stadium. Saturday, he had an opportunity to do that as he came up from the Sunshine State to watch the Wolverines take on Michigan State. What did he think of the game and what was said with the other recruits? We caught up with him to find out.

Ricardo, first of all, how was your first taste of fall weather in Michigan?
Oh man, it was cold, but I got used to it. It was a good thing. I was only there for a short period of time and got used to it. It wasn't that bad. Actually, right now, it's about as cold as it was in Michigan. Right now, it's like 42 degrees down here.

OK, so you walk into to Michigan Stadium for the first time on Saturday, what's going through your mind?
I was like man, for me being in the stadium, seeing all those fans, the first thing was "I can't wait to play here." It's one thing to be there, it's another thing to be on the field playing in front of all those people. Watching the game and how it was played, how the receivers played -- everything was going so fast. It was unbelievable. I kept thinking, that's going to be you in a few years, playing in front of these people. Walking down the tunnel, I felt like I was walking down, getting ready to play myself.

The game ended with a loss, did that change how you viewed the visit or Michigan at all?
Oh no, oh no. The way I look at it, it made my commitment stronger. I wasn't even looking at the game like that. Win or lose, Michigan is still Michigan. So far this season, this is the worst Michigan has ever been, but I know it's going to get better. I talked to Coach Rodriguez for over an hour afterwards and I let him know I was committed to them and he said they're committed to me. He said he sees me as a big part of their rebuilding and success in the future. I didn't even think about de-committing, that is totally out of the question.

What else did you talk to him about during this hour?
He just told me first of all, I'm a very special kid to him, not just football, but my character and personality. He said he feels like I can bring something to table. He really liked the fact that I came up and I didn't have to. I also had a chance to meet his wife and daughter.

A lot of the receivers Michigan has recruited lately seem to be a little smaller. What have you been told about how you will be used?
The way they told me is this: they want me to be that big receiver that makes big catches like Braylon Edwards and Mario Manningham. Just be a big receiver and make big things happen. The smaller receivers, they're going to get more short passes. I'll mainly go get jump balls and create mismatches on cornerbacks, they kind of like me playing that role.

Being an early commitment, did you have a chance to talk to any of the recruits who were at the game?
I talked a little with Lo Wood and he was real excited with the game and Michigan football. He wasn't even looking at Michigan until they wanted him to come up but now his mind is on Michigan. Tyler Blandin, the cornerback from Fort Meade, he liked it a lot too. Demetrius Hart actually got offered, but it won't be official until September 1st next year and Marvin [Robinson] of course. I can't say anything much, but he liked the game a lot and Michigan's still top on his list.

You also had a chance to meet Shavodrick Beaver in person, how did that go?
I pretty much talked to Shavodrick the whole game. We just joking around, saying we're going be teammates. He said he hopes I can handle his passes and I said he needs to keep up with speed. It was fun hanging out with my future quarterback and develop a chemistry and stuff already, something a quarterback and receiver needs. We kind of have a good feel for each other, because I had talked to him before I came to the game.

You also had a chance to speak more with Mike Barwis.

Coach Barwis, it was funny cause I tried out his no-moving-elbow pushup, where you just use your fingertips. I got three of them, then he wanted me to try the one hand one and I said, ‘oh man, I'm not trying that one.' He said he can't wait to see what he can do with me. He said he's never seen someone so built so young.

So safe to say you had a good visit?
Yeah, I'm actually thinking about trying to go up again on my Christmas break.

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