Beaver Blue Through and Through

Wichita Falls (TX) Rider QB Shavodrick Beaver took in his first game at the Big House last Saturday, and the experience was everything he expected and more. The dual-threat signal caller chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his efforts to recruit other prospects, his rehab, and more.

Based on the reactions to the crisp fall weather by many of Michigan's southern visitors last weekend, it's logical to assume that Wichita Falls (TX) Rider QB Shavodrick Beaver felt the same way.  That assumption, however, is wrong.

"Naw, it wasn't too cold for me," said Beaver.  "Where I stay up here at the top of Texas, close to Oklahoma, (the temperature) is the same."

It could be that Beaver was more oblivious than his peers to the weather because of how taken he was by the environment inside the Big House.

"It was crazy," Beaver said regarding the game day experience in Ann Arbor.  "It was so exciting.  The fans are all about that team.  They've got the team's back.  I like that.  They just want to see the winning tradition come back there.  I know how they feel."

Despite the loss, Beaver found encouraging signs in his future team.

"I like the attitude they've got," he said.  "They never quit.  They're willing to keep fighting to get better.  I like that.  I like that a lot.  They need us young guys to come in and help out."

Beaver spent a great deal of time on his visit trying to add to the young contingent slated to come in next year.

" I talked to (Willie Haulstead) the whole time," Beaver recalled.   "I talked to Travis Bond and his mother.  They liked it.  They're real cool.  Everybody liked it.  They just want to take their visits and go from there.  I'm going to keep talking to them.  I'm still talking Bryce (McNeal) too.  Bryce is still looking at Michigan.  He just wants to take his visits.  I told him, 'you better get on board because Willie and them really like it and Coach said if they hop on it, you're out of luck.'"

"I want to be the best college team in America, and to be the best you've got to play with the best," Beaver continued.  "You've got to get the best players.  They are the best right now, so I want to play with them."

When not wearing his recruiting hat, Beaver is busy focusing a great deal of attention on rehabbing his surgically repaired shoulder. 

"I've already started," he reported.  "I got surgery on a Thursday and I started rehab the following Monday.  They said it would be four to six months.  In six months I'll be ready to lift weights heavy again.  Coach Rodriguez said when I get there early I'll have a jersey and they won't hit me.  We'll just take it light right now.  They're just ready for somebody to come run the show.  They just want somebody to take over.  I'm going to work hard so I can compete to do it."


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