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Inkster ATH Cameron Gordon on picks up where he left off in today's Detroit News interview with GoBlueWolverine's Sam Webb. In this Q&A he discusses which positions he is being recruited for, his Big 10 suitors, and more. Also, be sure to check out the latest Webblog (linked at the bottom of this story) to find out how Gordon and Vlad Emilien fit into the Michigan recruiting picture.

For those that missed today's Detroit News feature on Cameron Gordon, click the following link: U-M camp put Inkster's Gordon in spotlight.

Sam Webb:   Are there schools that are looking at you at safety now or are they just looking at you at receiver or linebacker? What are they saying to you?

Cameron Gordon:  "Different schools looking at me at different positions.  With most schools I haven't really got a clear understanding of what they want me to play.  I have played pretty good on both sides of the ball, so they're like, ‘well he's good here and good there.'  I would say that I am kind of confused about which side they want me to play, but I think that I can take that up with them further we go on."

Sam Webb:  I'm just going to recite the Big Ten schools that you mentioned and you just tell me what you think about them.  Let's start with Michigan State.

Cameron Gordon:  "Real up front and honest people."

Sam Webb:  Penn State?

Cameron Gordon:  "Penn State, really haven't talked to them that much but I see they're interested in me a lot."

Sam Webb:  What about Iowa?

Cameron Gordon:  "Oh yeah, they're honest.  They just want to see my skill set.  They really don't know which side they want me on but both coaches, Coach Phil Parker and Coach Campbell, they like me.  Both of them like me."

Sam Webb:  Michigan?

Cameron Gordon:  "I talk to them.  I really don't know too much about how they feel about me, but I know they're interested."

Sam Webb:  Do you have like a timeline for when you want to have your decision made by?

Cameron Gordon:  "No not really.  The place that I go, I really don't want to rush it.  It's really a big decision for me to make.  I don't want to rush through it."

Sam Webb:  These schools that you haven't talked to as much like Penn State and Michigan… is it possible that one of them could impress you enough in these last few months to be the school that you wind up going to?

Cameron Gordon:  "Yeah of course.  Really just a point of me; I don't want to rush it, I believe they can."

For word on safety and linebacker recruiting, and how Gordon and Vlad Emilien might factor in for the Wolverines, check out the latest Webblog on our premium message board titled: The Gordon Effect.

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