By the Numbers: Purdue "O" vs. U-M "D"

Will Purdue field an offense on Saturday? That's the question this week as the two 2-6 teams face each other Saturday.


Purdue (2-6, 0-4)


1. Northern Colorado W 42-10
2. Oregon L 32-26 (OT)
3. Central Michigan W 32-25
4. @Notre Dame L 38-21
5. Penn State L 20-6
6. @Ohio State L 16-3
7. @Northwestern L 48-26
8. Minnesota L 17-6

Purdue's Average score: 20.2 (9th in the league) to 25.8 (8th in the league).
Michigan is now 10th in the league in scoring defense, giving up 28.8 per game.

Purdue's is 9th in the league the league in total offense, averaging 355.9 yards per game.
U-M is 9th in the league in total defense, giving up 377.5 yards per game.



Purdue's Rushing: 116.4 yards per game (3.9 yards per carry), 11th in the B-10.
Michigan Rushing defense: 126.6 yards per game (3.3 yards per carry), 6th in the Big 10.

Purdue's running back Kory Sheets is averaging 100.8 yards per game and 5.3 yards per carry, 4th in the league.

For Michigan, Obi Ezeh leads in tackles, averaging 9.4 per game, 4th best in the B-10. Brandon Harrison is 16th best in the conference with 6.6 per game.



Purdue's Passing: 239.5 yards per game, 2nd in the Big Ten. Purdue is 10th in the league in pass efficiency.
Michigan Passing defense: last in the league, giving up 250.9 yards per game. In pass efficiency defense, U-M is 9th in the conference.

Curtis Painter is 3rd in the league in passing, averaging 220.2 yards per game (55.9%). *However, Painter is hurt and doubtful, as is his backup Joey Elliott ... leaving former RB Justin Siller. Last week in the loss to Minnesota, Siller was 10-17-71 and an int.
Purdue's receivers Greg Orton and Desmond Tardy are 2nd and 3rd in the league in receptions per game, and 4th and 3rd in receptions per game. *But will we see a passing attack Saturday?*



Purdue's is 8th in the league in 3rd down conversions, 36.4%.
Michigan is 8th in the league in 6th down defense, allowing a 38.8% conversion rate.

Purdue's is 10th in the league in Red Zone offense, scoring 76.2% of the time.
Michigan is 3rd in the league in Red Zone defense, allowing a 71.9% scoring rate.

Purdue and U-M are tied for last in the league in turnover margin, at -1.12 per game.

Purdue's is 8th in the league in sacks allowed, allowing 2.1 per game.
Michigan is 5th in the league in sacking the QB, with 2.4 per game.

Zoltan Mesko leads the league in punting, averaging 44.6 yards per punt.


*What does this all say?*

This week it looks like Purdue may have no offense... (let's hope so) ... or at least its passing attack may be AWOL.

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