Warren Keeping Up the Fight (Part 2)

In part two of the media interview with Michigan sophomore CB Donovan Warren, he sheds light on on the defensive improvement, leadership, fighting for the seniors, and more.

Question:  You said that Boubacar had that swagger that you needed to be a cornerback; when did you first start seeing that?

Donovan Warren:  "I seen that since he first came during camp, fall camp.  Just the whole mentality is just Boubacar that is just how he has to be.  As far as working each day in practice and talking to our receivers and playing our receivers I have seen that from him since the fall camp and that is good."

Question:  Is that unusual?  Were you like that as a freshman, where you came in right away with that?

Donovan Warren:  "Yeah, I came in as freshman just thinking that I'm not going to beat.  I'm going to try and bring the fight to those guys and that is just what I see in Boubacar also."

Question:  After the game on Saturday, Terrance Taylor had kind of a comment where he said, something along the lines of, it's hard to get into people's heads and let them know that they need to play for the seniors.  I don't know if it was made out of anger, frustration or whatever, but you said unsolicited that you're trying to play for the seniors; have you seen that maybe some people aren't so much?

Donovan Warren:  "I wouldn't say that.  I haven't seen it as far as from other players out there that they're not trying to play for the team.  I feel like Terrance just said it out of frustration after a loss and things like that, but I feel like everyone is still trying to play for the seniors and still trying to hold up their reputation as far as Michigan."

Question:  So you don't know why he would have said that?

Donovan Warren:  "No not at all."

Question:  Coach Shafer said after the game that you guys looked like you showed a lot of progress in practice and then it doesn't translates on the feel; in your mind accurate?

Donovan Warren:  "I feel like in practice guys are going out there practicing hard each and every day.  We have some really good practices during the week and it's not coming through in the game.  During the week I feel like everything is going real well."

Question:  When you're on the field are other teams mocking you guys a little bit?  I mean this is the most down that Michigan has been in a while; are you hearing it?

Donovan Warren:  "Not really.  Guys I'm playing against, I feel like they have respect for us.  As far as a player, they still respect me; respect the team and stuff like that.  They're not really saying too much about the season and how it's going and stuff like that."

Question:  Have you tried different things every week to try to deal with the losing; I mean are you changing your routine or something like that, because you said that you've never been through this before?

Donovan Warren:  "I've never had a losing season.  Six losses in my whole high school career and things like that.  No I'm not changing anything at all.  I'm just going out there and continuing to do what I do each and every day, just try and get better.  Nothing is changing at all."

Question:  Do you understand the concepts of this defense and what they're trying to get too and do you think that it will eventually be successful?

Donovan Warren:  "Yeah, I understand the concept.  It's different.  It's a whole different concept as far as scheme wise, but it's not that much different from last year.  I feel like it will be successful, guys have to do their assignment.  One missed assignment could lead to a big play on each and every play and that's just what it is.  One missed assignment that is just big for everyone."

Question:  Are the coaches holding anything back scheme wise at this point to kind of keep it simple or are they bringing everything out?

Donovan Warren:  "The coaches aren't holding anything back as far as scheme wise.  I feel like its guys not making plays, like I was saying.  As far as scheme wise, I feel like the scheme is there, just like I said missed assignments is what it's holding us back and stuff like that."

Question:  Where is this team drawing leadership at?  Do you guys miss at all not having captains at this stage of the game?

Donovan Warren:  "As far as captains, not really no.  We have a lot of seniors who are doing their part as far leading and trying to hold everybody's head up high.  As far as captains, I don't feel like we are missing anything from that.  Like I said, the seniors, all the seniors we got are doing a really good job."

Question:  You go against Martavious Odoms in practice all the time.  What has allowed him to come in as a true freshman and have some of the success that he's had?

Donovan Warren:  "Martavious is real quick and low to the ground and stuff like that.  Being that small, he has disadvantageous and he has advantageous.  Him being so low to the ground and so quick makes him real good coming in and out of his breaks and stuff like that.  So that is why I feel like he has been able to come in and play so good so far.  He runs crisps routes, so that is real good."

Question:  Is he hard to get a good shot on in practice?

Donovan Warren:  "Not really.  I haven't gone up against him a lot, because he plays in the slot.  When I do go up against him, it is a competition… a battle."

Question:  Have you got a vibe from the seniors that it has sunk in that this is it, now you guys have to win the last four games to have a shot at the postseason?

Donovan Warren:  "Like I said our backs up against the wall right now.  We're not going to just lay down and let them bring the fight to us.  Like I said come out swinging.  We were going to do what we do."

Question:  When you guys met (Sunday) did you detect a sense of urgency, a different mood from the seniors knowing that this is the situation now?

Donovan Warren:  "Sense of urgency? I feel like it's always been there for me and just the way we've been playing all season.  I don't think that things are coming together like how they should be.  People are saying that it's a transition year and things like, I don't feel like that all.  I feel like I've been playing with a sense of urgency all year."

Question:  Are you getting that sense from the seniors?

Donovan Warren:  "The seniors don't want to go out with a losing season.  Michigan hasn't had losing season in years.  The seniors are doing their part as far as I said, keeping everybody's head high and the morale of this team is not down at all."

Question:  Is that a natural instinct to keep fighting even when you are two and six, not to give up?

Donovan Warren:  "Yeah that is just being an athlete, a football player period.  We're not just going to lay down and just give up like that.  That's not in me or in the players on the team at all.  Being a college athlete and a college football player that is just not what you do, just lay down; just a natural instinct I guess like you said."

Question:  Coach Rod talked about the lack of execution on third down and longs; what do you see on the third down and longs; what do you guys have to do to get off the field?

Donovan Warren:  "I feel like we do not just sit back on our heels and wait for them to come at us, but we have to go at them and be more aggressive and things like that.  Play with technique that is what it comes down to – technique and the fundamentals and just cut down on missed assignments.  This is the eighth game, ninth game of the year; it's just that time to stop that."

Question:  Do you feel that it is scheme thing or do you feel it's the players themselves as well?

Donovan Warren:  "I feel like it's just players really. Coaches can't do any more, it's up to us."

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