Wither the State of Tate?

On Halloween spookily-credible rumors have been scaring folks around A2. Then came Northern Indiana's landslide victory over Michigan Saturday -- had it created a tipping point in the "State of Tate" where he'd moved from "Solid Michigan" to "Leaning Elsewhere?" GBW put 'feet on the ground' and canvassed the State of Tate Forcier -- in first person.

GoBlueWolverine spend time on the phone Sunday night with Mike Forcier, father of San Diego quarterback-commit Tate Forcier -- and with Tate himself.

Here's what's happening with respect to the State of Tate.


"No one has to worry, it's ‘Michigan or Bust' for Tate. There's nothing going on in that regard."

So … the reason for the rumors?

"Tate has found himself behind in his school work. He's got a very high test score, there's no problem there, but he's behind in his coursework to be able to graduate in December."

Tate, as U-M fans may recall, is going to a ‘school for home-schoolers', so there is more independent study going on …

"With football, and with a social life that has suddenly kind've blossomed for him … well you know how it is. So he's getting quarantined by me – in fact since his game Friday he's been sequestered doing nothing but school work."

"Tate can make it (in December) if he puts his mind to it. And he needs to get to U-M in order to get the Barwis treatment this winter more than anything."

Tate chimed in:

"I need to get my hands on the Michigan playbook right away too, that's the biggest thing for me."

"I've got four English-type courses to finish (one is Journalism), and that I've gotten behind in. It's really a matter of getting the work completed (in order to enroll in January). I've got a lot to do, lots, but I'm determined to get it done."

In the meantime, is it still Michigan in Tate's heart?

Dad-Mike: "You know where we spend our Saturdays, every Saturday? At a sports bar/pizza place in San Diego where all the Michigan fans in San Diego congregate to watch the games. Saturday though, for the first time, the place was half-empty."

Tate fully realizes the opportunity, and what he needs to do … and the "State of Tate" is still "Solid Michigan."

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