Donavan Tate To Visit Michigan?

The two-sport star, and possible first round draft pick in the next Major League Baseball draft has settled on taking football visits. Is Michigan still in it for the talented athletes services? Will he visit?

Cartersville, Ga. athlete Donavan Tate had long been an after-thought in the college football world, mainly due to the fact he's been considered to head straight to baseball as he is a projected first round draft pick. However, Tate himself dismisses those thoughts.

"I'm going to go ahead and do both (baseball and football)," explained Tate to GoBlueWolverine. " I haven't thought about signing a (baseball) contract, I'm just going to concentrate on football and worry about the rest later. We're about to start our sub region this Friday. It's basically the start of our playoffs."

Recently, Donavan came out with a top five list that included Michigan, Southern Cal, North Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana State. With a visit to Southern Cal already out of the way, Michigan will be up to bat shortly.

"I'm going to come up for Northwestern in a few weeks (for the Nov. 15th Northwestern game). I talk to Coach Hopson it seems like twice a week. I really don't look at the season because everyone has been up and down this year. I'm looking at the campus and school and what opportunities there are for me, not the performance of the season."

That would seemingly bode well for the Wolverines, and opportunities seem endless for any incoming freshmen on this already young Michigan team.

"Playing early is a big factor for me, but I mean it's just what's going to be best for me and my family. But I definitely see I could make an impact there."

That is one selling point coaches and recruiters could make when Tate visits Ann Arbor. He's looking for a few more however.

"I want to see what it's like, fitting in with everyone, the atmosphere at the game on Saturday and having everyone on campus ... and the players and coaches and if I can see myself fitting in for four years. And academics are big because my mom has always said school first, and I want to talk to the academic administrators and see what there is to offer."

In the end for Tate, much will be riding on where he could land in the MLB draft.

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