Minor Talks Leadership

In a season where much is off the table in terms post season opportunities and the continuation of impressive streaks, Michigan jr. RB Brandon Minor says there is one important carrot his team can still play for; Pride.

Question:  Brandon can you tell us how your role in the offense has developed over the last few weeks?

Brandon Minor:  "It's basically lead by example.  Just go work hard that is all I do.  They can follow me.  Just hustle on every play and that is what I try to do."

Question:  What in the offense was different that led to so much success on Saturday?

Brandon Minor:  "We did everything right…not everything, but we got a lot done.  Everybody was clicking at the same time.  Before, we would have just one group clicking, but we brought it together as a whole.  That is why we had so much success."

Question:  How is your wrist?

Brandon Minor:  "It's good."

Question:  What did you do to it during the game?

Brandon Minor:  "I just fell on it funny."

Question:  What is the biggest difference between your game this year and your game last year?

Brandon Minor:  "It is more experience.  The more you get on the field, the more you get a feel of it.  Basically that's just it."

Question:  You guys scored significantly more points than you have in any other game offensively.  Did you make that much progress?

Brandon Minor:  "We had a lot (of success), but we left a lot of plays out there.  I felt like we could have scored two more touchdowns."

Question:  Brandon are you concerned about any teammates maybe letting down these last three weeks given the fact that you don't have a bowl game to look forward to?

Brandon Minor:  "No I aint worried about teammates.  If they seem to do that, we've just got to keep rolling.  I really can't go out based off what they do. I know I'm going to stay here and work hard and finish this year out strong.  I can't speak out too much about any players quitting, because I don't know anybody that is going to quit."

Question:  The goals are different though, because you obviously can look to next year… building to something… getting a fresh start.  The seniors aren't going to have that chance.  What do you see out of them?

Brandon Minor:  "To me, I don't see why they'd let down like that.  If they decide to… which I don't think (they will)... I don't see no reason for them to do that because there is a lot of pride involved.  It speaks a lot about their character to try and finish out this year."


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