Jamison Says Seniors Will Maintain Focus

Michigan senior DE Tim Jamison took time out for a chat with the media earlier this week to discuss the team's disappointing record this season, setting that disappointment aside, and finishing strong.

Question:  How tough is it to know you're in the position you're in; no bowl game, three games to play in your senior season?

Tim Jamison:  "Especially tough for the seniors, being in the first team in 33 years not going to the bowl.  It hurts, but you got to have a short memory of the last game.  We can't dwell on that.  We got a tough Minnesota team coming in.  We got to go there and it is going to be a big game for us.  We're playing for the (Little) Brown Jug, so that is a big rivalry, we just got to go out there and compete."

Question:  What do you guys usually get out of the 15 practices that you're allowed when you do go to a bowl?  What will you not be able to do this year?

Tim Jamison:  "Well since the Big Ten ends so early, there is a lot of time left so usually a lot of times are conditioning and preparing for the climate if you're going to a warmer bowl game… stuff like that.  Just get prepared for it."

Question:  Is there any foundation laid for the next season as well in those?

Tim Jamison:  "Yeah.  I think you see a lot of the players that were redshirted how much stronger and faster over the year that they redshirted."

Question:  For you being a senior what do you think you'll do in the month of December now that you don't have the bowl practices and that sort of thing?

Tim Jamison:  "I don't want to think about that right now.  I want to think about the preparation. We're getting ready for the Minnesota game."

Question:  Did you guys as seniors kind of get together after that last game in the last couple of days and talk amongst yourself about trying to stay into it?

Tim Jamison:  "After the game everybody was kind of hurt.  It's really not that much talking after a loss of the game, but (Sunday) we got together as a team and said that we are going to finish this season out strong.  We are not going to hang our heads down.  We are going to go out and compete these last three games."

Question:  Particularly as a defense, do you guys feel you have a point to prove after what happened down at Purdue?

Tim Jamison:  "Yeah. I think as a team we got to prove that we can play because we can.  It's just the little things like it has been all season.  We just got to correct those little things, like wrapping up when you tackle and stuff like that…finishing, finishing… that is all we got to do."

Question:  How much of tackling is kind of self coaching and how much of it is coming from you and fundamentals that you've been going through your whole football career?

Tim Jamison:  "Tackling is just hitting with your face and wrapping and keeping driving your feet until you hear the whistle.  You just got to do those things.  I think if you keep doing those things, keep telling yourself that, you do it.  Saying it and doing it are two different things."

Question:  Coach said there were 21 missed tackles.  Not that you're going to name names, but is it specifically the same people week after week or is it different people throughout each week?

Tim Jamison:  "It's not really the same people each week.  It's different people.  You can't just expect to hit somebody and they're just going to fall.  You got to use wrap up technique to get them down."

Question:  Is that something that you can work on much in practice?

Tim Jamison:  "Yeah you can always work on it.  We work on tackling drills almost every time we practice.  Just got to go out and do it on game day."

Question:  Are you looking forward to facing another spread team or at this point would you rather kind of take a break from seeing he spread?

Tim Jamison:  "I think the rest of the games are against spreads, so that is what we going to see for the remainder of the season.  We've just got to work at it, get better at it."

Question:  Do you know much about Minnesota's version or any of the players?

Tim Jamison:  "They have a much improved team from last year's team.  The quarterback has great footwork.  Watching him do the zone option, he's great at faking. They're a very much improved team; I look for them to be great this weekend."

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