Southeastern vs. Cass Tech Scouting Report

There was college-level talent galore on display in Saturday's playoff match-up between Detroit Cass Tech and Detroit Southeastern, but only one grouped excelled on a day that saw Southeastern march to a 40-0 domination of the Technicians. For a recap and commentary on the notables from each team, check inside.

The third match-up between Detroit Southeastern and Detroit Cass Tech didn't lend any credence whatsoever to the saying "it's hard to beat a team three times in a season."   Judging by the scores in each match up, the Jungaleers had an easier time of it every time out.  The most fiercly contested battle was the first one, a 20-12 Southeastern victory.  The Jungaleers followed that up with a 36-13 victory.  They then capped it off with 40-0 thumping Saturday to advance to the next round of the playoffs against Dearborn Fordson.

The lopsided score might suggest to those that weren't there that the game was a physical domination from start to finish, but it wasn't.  The game was scoreless through one quarter.  It was after that that Cass Tech began to self destruct.  It began with a fumble by tailback Teric Jones on a poor exchange with QB Thomas Gordon.   The Technicians seemed ready to bounce back from that mishap, though, when Gordon stripped the ball from Jungaleers QB Edward Thomas on his way to the end zone. A sign that it just wasn't going to be the Technicians' day came a few plays later when Gordon gave the ball right back on an interception over the middle that was returned inside the ten.  The Jungaleers subsequently punched in for the first score of the game.

On the ensuing kickoff, a Southeastern player beat one of the Cass returners to the ball and recovered inside the 10 yard line.  A few plays later that was turned into a score.

The next series featured a poorly thrown backwards pass to Dior Mathis that was dropped.  Before it rolled to the sideline it was picked up by Southeastern's Williams Sturges and returned for a touchdown.

A later punt attempt by Cass Tech saw the Technicians' punter drop the ball after a pretty good snap.  He was then stuffed in inside the Cass 20 before he could get the punt off.  Southeastern QB Edward Thomas had been knocked out of the game at that point courtesy of a late hit from William Campbell.  Still, the Jungaleers still marched it into the endzone with Sturges at the helm.

Southeastern went into the break up 26-0, and the game was virtually ove at that pointr.  The second half was a mere formality.  The fourth quarter featured a scoreboard that was shut off and a running clock.

Player Notes

Cass Tech

William Campbell
6'5, 315
Notes: Big Will made a few plays early on, but the inability to keep any of the Southeastern quarterbacks in the pocket (three of them made impact plays on the day) limited his effectiveness.  He commanded special attention early on… but as the game progressed, the defense wore down from being on the field far too long.  Looking back on his final season, it is very clear that he could be a very good defensive lineman at the next level, but he might be a great offensive lineman.  Good problem to have.

Teric Jones
5'9, 195
Notes: You had to feel for Teric Saturday.  His offensive line might have opened one hole for him all day.  It seemed like he got hit as soon as he took the handoff on many plays. Bad day? Yes.  Bad season?  Not even close.  Jones proved a lot in his senior year.  Widely regarded as just a speed back, Jones backed up his talk this year by showing not only big play ability, and a physicality that many said he didn't have.  Jones finished runs this year and he finished them with authority.  He lowered his shoulder and embraced contact all year long.  That kind of toughness will serve him well at the next level.

Thomas Gordon
5'11, 200
Notes: You had to feel for Thomas too.  If the offensive line was an issue for the running back, the quarterback was going to be in much better shape.  He had very little time to get set... and when he tried to break contain there were Jungaleers there to keep up the pressure and force errant throws.  He did break free once for 25 yard scamper... but he was never able to get into a rhythm. Thomas is slated to be a safety at the next level, but he would also be a perfect fit for the nickel position that Brandon Harrison manned last weekend versus Minnesota.
Dior Mathis
5'8, 160
Notes: Not much of a factor in this game.  Outside of a blitz in the first quarter where he sacked the quarterback, he wasn't in on many positive plays. His other memorable play was when he dropped a poorly thrown lateral that was returned to the house.



6'2, 300
Notes: Hankins is one to keep an eye on for next season.  This junior defensive tackle uses his hands well and plays with good leverage.  He's not super quick, but has a nice front step.  His biggest asset is his motor.  Again, he is one to watch.
6'7, 242
Notes: Just freaky athleticism on this kid.  We knew would be good two years ago when we saw him first at the THinkDetroit PAL camp and then later that same summer at the Michigan camp.  At that point it seemed his future would be a tight end.  That was the position he wanted to man.  Well there is no question now that his vision for the future has switched to defense… and with good reason.  He is a lot like former Wolverine Shawn Crable in that he has uncanny coordination and flexibility for his size.  He changes direction extraordinarily well and has a burst that allows him to close short distances very quickly.  He is probably a step slower than Crable at the same stage of development, but Gholston is more solid physically.  You can really see it in the legs.  Crable's were relatively skinny compared to the rest of his body.  They had to be built up for him to consistently hold up at the point of attack in college.  Gholston already has a really solid base.  That will give him a head start in that department when he gets to college.  Gholston made noise a few times during the game, notching a few tackles for loss and snuffing on the punter on the muffed punt attempt... but quite frankly, the Southeastern defense just didn't have to do much to win this game.  Cass did all the work for them.  Look for more on Gholston throughout the week. 
5'8, 180
Notes: He's only 5-8, 180 pounds, but he was the most valuable player on the field Saturday.  He ran for two touchdowns… and when Big Will knocked the starting quarterback out of the game with a late hit, Sturges played QB and threw for two touchdowns.  For good measure, it was he who returned Mathis' dropped lateral for a touchdown.  As impressive as that stat line is, it was almost more so.  He returned a punt for a touchdown as well, but it was nullified because of a holding call.  There simply was no answer for him.  Many scouts have questioned his size and speed.  Sure, he is not the biggest or the fastest… he just makes plays.  If schools get positive updates on where things currently stand with his test score and grades, don't be surprised to see one of them take a shot. At the very least he is a potential playmaker in the MAC.  He should garner looks from lower level big conference schools as well.


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