One Down, Four to Go for Campbell

Detroit Cass Tech lineman William Campbell reflects on his Alabama official visit and looks ahead to his remaining trips.

Many Americans venture South every winter with the expectation that the weather below the Mason Dixon line will be considerably warmer.  Detroit Cass Tech lineman William Campbell certainly believed that would be the case when he packed in the car last weekend with his coach and a few teammates to head to Alabama for an official visit.  Much to his surprise, however, the difference in temperature wasn't nearly what he thought it would be.

"It was cold," said Campbell.  "When we first got down there it was 50 (degrees), then during the game it was 30 (degrees).  I took a coat with me so it was straight."

Despite the weather, the Tide's presentation went over well with the five-star athlete.  As a matter of fact, he found one aspect of the trip to be considerably memorable

"(The visit) was straight," he said.  "The thing that impressed me the most was the Walk of Champions with all the fans there seeing the team walk off the bus into the locker room."

After the game Campbell was given a very clear picture of how he might fit into the equation should he decide to play his college football in Tuscaloosa.

"They said they want me to play on the offensive side of the ball," Campbell recalled.  "They've got three people leaving, and the left tackle will probably go to the pros so that would be four.  They said it's up to me (to beat out other players) to play right away.  There were some JUCO (prospects) there (on official visits) when I was there."

With his first trip now in the books, Campbell is exited to continue on his now finalized list of tours.

"It's LSU next week and then I've got USC the week after that," he said.  "The first week of December is going to be the trip to Michigan, and then I'll go to Miami after that."

Added Campbell about his list of favorites, "everybody is still in the same spot until I see everybody."

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