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We at GoBlueWolverine wish to thank the more than 300 of you who have signed up for our 'Three Free Weeks' trial offer. Please give The Insiders 24 hours to get you your passwords.<br><br> Here, in return for your faith in us, is our sincere promise to you -- GoBlueWolverine's "Pledge of Honesty and Integrity."

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GoBlueWolverine's Pledge of Honesty and Integrity

Our goals at are straightforward: first, to provide accurate, in-depth information on Michigan athletic recruiting; and secondly, to provide a forum for open discussion of Michigan football and men's basketball. I think we at are doing a credible job of meeting those goals.

It is my, Tom Beaver's, strongly held personal philosophy that in the coverage of recruiting extreme care must be taken. For the sake of journalistic integrity, we at the are committed to the following principles:
(A) "Not effecting the recruiting process" ... a variation of the medical oath to "First do no harm;"
(B) Telling the truth, and respecting the recruits, their parents, and the Michigan program.

In following these principles we pledge to:

(1) Accurately quote kids (and coaches and parents) ... including not putting words in their mouths, or stretching what they say into inuindo.

(2) Not saying or doing things to/with recruits or their parents (even verbal commitments) that cross the line from reporting to 'recruiting'.

(3) Not make 'predictions' that just pressure recruits.

(4) Accurately identify/interview only real recruits once autumn hits and official visits are getting set (and the flip-side, not interviewing known Non-Reruits).

(5) Not overhype kids, especially at 'touchy' times; especially not to overhype early those kids who are 'later-winter recruits' rather than 'earlier recruits'.

(6) Carefully and accurately report on who has a Michigan scholarship offer.

All of these points are crucially important. To slip in any of these areas can actually hurt a program, as our opponents will-and-do jump in and use the slip(s) for negative-recruiting. It would be a shame if this has happened -- and you can bet the program involved would react strongly.

I know this credo is not the same as others have been following. We hope others decide to join us in this pledge. Admittedly my (Tom's) efforts are not 'for profit' as others' are, but are more an act of philanthropy, since all net proceeds from my venture are donated to the University of Michigan. However, I believe this matter is crucially important to the recruiting process.

Please come join us in this venture!

Tom Beaver, publisher
Sam Webb and Matt Pargoff

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