Graves' Heart is at Michigan!

The University of Michigan's football team picks up another commitment this morning. Pearlie Graves out of East Central high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma gave his pledge to attend Michigan. In our conversation he tells us the factors of why he chose the Wolverines.

The recruiting process for Pearlie Graves is over and it has been for a while. Last night he finally decided to call Michigan assistant coach Jay Hopson to let him in on the secret.

 "I called him to let him know I was ready to commit," Graves said happily.  "He was excited I think.  He had that gut feeling about me committing."

With the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Kansas State, many in his home state are wondering, why Michigan?

"I feel like my heart is at Michigan," he explained. "They can get me to the next level in my life with the education that they are offering as well as the football opportunities. I want to be part of something special."

It's obvious now that the Wolverines down season had no effect on his decision.

"Man that was this year but that didn't matter to me," he said.  "Michigan is going to go out and get who they need to turn this around. When they recruited me they were determined to get me at their school."

There was one important dynamic that Graves mentioned time and time again as the final key to his pledge – his mom.  She was the one person that this had to be o.k. with for him to feel comfortable leaving Oklahoma.  As is the case with most parents, she knew what her son was thinking.

"I pulled my mom aside to tell her that I wanted to go to Michigan because I feel very comfortable there," Graves recalled.  "She told me that the way I came back from the visit with that smile on my face she knew how I was feeling about them. My mom feels real strong about my decision she wants me to go to a great place like Michigan."

One of the more memorable aspects of Graves' Michigan visit was his interaction with a woman that reminded him of his mom.

"Shari Acho the academic advisor at Michigan really helped me on my visit," he said.  "They have in her a very strong woman, like my mom, to help you accomplish what you need to while studying at Michigan. The academic support that they will provide is what I like the most, Ms. Acho spoke with all of us that were there about the academic support we would receive".

Brandon "B.G."Graham, the Wolverines' star defensive end, was there to help as well.

"Just being around a big time guy like that and seeing the way he carries himself was big for m," Graves admitted.  "B.G. opened my eyes to a lot of things at Michigan and that helped a lot. As I said before, he is the big brother I never had we text each other from time to time and I appreciate that. The other players are like brothers that I needed in my life.  They introduced me to their families it was nice."

For Graves it appears that he has found a second family, and for Michigan, they have found another piece to their rebuilding puzzle.

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