The Forciers Speak

Tate Forcier and his father Mike talked with GBW this morning ... here are some of the things that were said: about Tate's season and his early enrollment, on Tate on Michigan, and on Michigan's season.

Tate's season:

Dad-Mike: "Tate keeps having his knee drained this season, and he has a high ankle sprain as well ... so his running ability hasn't been there too much this year really. But he's a tough kid and has gutted it out."

"Opponents all make him the target and go after him, and his pride makes him 'man up' and probably take hits when he should avoid them. But that's Tate."

Scripps Ranch is 7-3 going into the playoffs next Friday.
Through the air Forcier is 177 for 259 for 2990 yards, 21 TDs and 10 ints (per game average: 17 for 26 for 299 yards, 2 TDs and int).
On the ground he has rushed for 699 yards and 11 TDs on 67 rushes (per game average: 7 carries for 70 yards and 1 TD, 10 ypc).

Tate's academics, his early enrollment.

Mike: "He's got one and a half classes to go. He's right on target. He's gotten B's on the two he's completed."

Tate Forcier: "I'm on track to make it. I expect to be done with school on December 7th."

On Tate and Michigan:

Tate: "I've been talking to Coach Rod. We just spoke recently, and he said he wanted me to come in and get ready to compete as quickly as I can."

"I'm not worried about coming in and learning the offense and working hard and all that. I'm looking forward to it. I am a little concerned about the the hype and the expectations."

On the OSU Game:

Tate: "I just watched a few minutes of the game Saturday - I saw the part where Feagin was in at quarterback. I'm not sure I'll go back and watch it ... I might."

On Michigan's season:

Mike: "People are sure on Coach Rods case, the newspapers and everything. They need to give him a few years. What we were told -- and I don't mean by people at Michigan -- was that the program needed this kind of change. Now it's just going to take a few years, but the program has a chance to get to a higher level than it'd been at in a while."

"We'd watched Michigan come out here and get blown out in those recent Rose Bowls, and with Coach Rod they now have a chance to get to a higher level than that."

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