Has Robinson Already Made His Choice?

It's common knowledge at this point that Plantation, FL CB Josh Robinson will announce his college choice at his church this Sunday. That leaves five more days and nights of deliberation before decision time hits, or does it?

When asked Sunday evening if he had already arrived at his decision, Plantation, FL CB Josh Robinson replied, "Yes I have."

Who the victor is out of the final quartet of UCF, Michigan, USF, or FIU is an answer only Robinson and maybe those closest to him know the answer to.  Not even the college coaches have gotten the word yet.

"Actually I've kind of (haven't) talked to many coaches lately," he said. "I've just been thinking about what decision I want to make because coaches are going to be like, ‘okay we want you to do this... I really think you should do this.'  Lately I've been thinking about it… looking at what each school has to offer.  I'm going to go from there.  The day before I make my decision, the school will know."

The fact that there is no public confirmation of what his college decision is does afford Robinson greater flexibility to have a change of heart.  Each program has traits the talented youngster finds desirable.

FIU – "(They're a finalist) basically because of how close it is to home, and then the program is on the up, they're doing pretty good lately.  My brother attends there as well.

UCF – "Another good football program that I think it is going to be coming on the up right now.  I love facilities and everything."

USF – "Potential to play early, nice program, and the coaches should be there the whole time I would be there."

Michigan - "Football first school, always (has been), love the facilities, love the environment and really like it."

Now that teammate Vladimir Emilien is officially in the fold for the Wolverines, many are wondering whether that had (or will have) any impact on Robinson's decision.

Said Robinson, "We discussed it, but at the same time he said he is going to do what's best for him and I'm going to do what's best for me."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Robinson in the coming days.

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