Pahokee HC on Hawthorne, Smith, McPhee

GBW spoke to Blaze Thompson, head coach of Pahokee, Florida, High School -- and Michigan commitments Brandin Hawthorne and Vincent Smith, plus former coach of JC DE Pernell McPhee and Wolverine Tay Odoms. Thompson talks on Brandin, Vincent and Pernell.

GoBlueWolverine spoke to Blaze Thompson, head coach of Pahokee, Florida, High School -- including Michigan commitments Brandin Hawthorne and Vincent Smith , and former coach of JC DE Pernell McPhee and Wolverine Tay Odoms.

GoBlueWolverine: How are all the Michigan commits doing?

Coach Thompson: "All the Michigan commits are doing well. Of course, we are still playing right now. We are in Division 2B. Just so you know we play five 6A teams this year which is the biggest class, one 2A team, three 2B teams, one 3A team ... so we played teams that were bigger than our program/school."

GoBlueWolverine: So how has Brandin Hawthorne done this year? GBW and Michigan fans were able to see your program in action on national television, but how about his whole season?

Coach Thompson: "Hawthorne: He is a big-time player, and really is a leader on our defense. I expect him to play outside linebacker when he gets to Michigan."

GoBlueWolverine: We keep hearing that Hawthorne is committed to Michigan, but wants to take trips ... is that accurate?

Coach Thompson: "He is just interested in making the right decision and taking trips to verify it; but he is committed to Michigan I can tell you that much."

GoBlueWolverine: How is Vincent Smith doing for you this season, and where do you see him playing at the next level?

Coach Thompson: "Wow, what a great player. Vincent Smith he is averaging over 150 yards a game. I would expect him to be a running back first and then maybe slot receiver. He is a back that can probably play both at the next level. He has good hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield."

GoBlueWolverine: We have heard of a new recruit Michigan is looking at -- your former player, defensive end Pernell McPhee. What can you say about him?

Coach Thompson: "Well I have heard that Michigan has offered him. He is committed to Mississippi State right now, but is looking to take a visit to Michigan."

"As far as when he played for me two years ago he was a hell of a leader who is an all around athlete. He is a great kid who will be a good motivator. And his motor never stops ... he's a guy who can never be blocked. He played offensive tackle for us as well. When he was here he had more of a basketball type body, where now from what I have heard he has really gained weight to be a good football player."

GoBlueWolverine: Were you able to catch Martavious Odoms games at Michigan this year? What did you think even though Michigan did not have that good of season?

Coach Thompson: "Oh yea, I believe I only missed one or possibly two games this year. I think Coach Rod will get everything under control, and the kids down here are not too concerned about the record this year."

"I tell you what: the way Michigan treated Martavious has really affected our guys and their desire to be up there. They have given Martavious a chance to earn his position, and that is all that a kid ever expects or wants -- the ability to have a chance to prove themselves."

GoBlueWolverine: One final thing: is Nu'keese Richardson interested in visiting Michigan or is he committed to Florida?

Coach Thompson: "Nu'keese is interested in traveling, but he is committed to where he is going -- Florida."

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