Is Gallon Solidly Blue?

GoBlueWolverine gets the latest on Apopka standout and Army All American Jeremy Gallon. Is this versatile athlete still solidly committed to Michigan?

Michigan commitment Jeremy Gallon was electric on the football field for Apopka High this year, but his individual accomplishments mean nothing compared to those he managed with his teammates.

"I think we were 9-3," said Gallon noting his team's record.  "That's all I know.  I don't know my stats.  They didn't give them to me yet.  I think I did a good job."

Others must agree with that evaluation since he was selected as one of the participants in the prestigious Army All American game.

"They kind of surprised me with that," Gallon said regarding his selection.  "I wasn't thinking too much about it.  They kind of shocked me when they told me that.  The Army did their thing… they did a little (press conference).  It was kind of good to see all my teammates there supporting me.  It felt good to be considered an All American… to (get picked) play in that game… it felt good.  That means I'm going to be going against the best."

Other programs also took note of Gallon's on-field success including Big Ten foe, Iowa.  They maintained contact with the shifty athlete in hopes of loosening Michigan's grip.  The question is, have they?

"Nah, my decision is going to stay the same," he said.  "I'm still going to go (to Michigan).  That won't change.  (Other schools) are still coming, but I'm not paying them no mind.

Despite that assurance, expect the Wolverines to stay on their toes and recruit this talented youngster until the end.

"Coach Rodriguez called me after the (Ohio State) game and was talking to me a little bit," Gallon recalled.  "He was just seeing how I was doing, just checking on me a little bit… asking how my family was doing and stuff like that.  He was saying he wants to see what I can do right off the bat."

Michigan's fans want to see as well and they get their first glimpse Saturday, January 3rd in the Army All American game on NBC.

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