Q & A with Will Gholston

GoBleWolverine chats with the Detroit Southeastern standout about his season, transitioning to the basketball court, his recruitment, his favorites, and more.

Sam Webb:  Who do you have scholarships from?

Will Gholston:  "Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan State."

Sam Webb:  I know a lot of these schools bring kids up for basketball games or what now; with basketball season going on, you think you'll be able to do any of that?

Will Gholston:  "I don't believe so, but I think I can work some stuff out.  I know LSU invited me to their game when they play basketball."

Sam Webb:  Tell me how you think your recruiting is going at this point; what schools are on you the hardest right now?

Will Gholston:  "I can't really say who is recruiting me the hardest, because I really don't have too much time to talk to them with the books, trying to stay in the classroom."

Sam Webb:  Right, your mom and dad said that you want to get into engineering?

Will Gholston:  "Yes, engineering or journalism."

Sam Webb:  So now that the football season is over, have you already made the transition over to the basketball squad?

Will Gholston:  "I'm working my way into right now.  I'm trying to get my schedule together so that I can lift and play basketball at the same time."

Sam Webb:  What is your role on the basketball team?

Will Gholston:  "I play power forward."

Sam Webb:  Now do they have you coming off the bench or do you start?

Will Gholston:  "I start."

Sam Webb:  So how is your squad looking?  I know you had some young guys last year with Percy (Gibson) and Brandon (Kearney); how's everything shaping up for you guys?

Will Gholston:  "It looks pretty good to me.  I think we are going to do a lot of stuff. We've just got to take it one game at a time just like football."

Sam Webb:  As far as your first season at Southeastern, what would you say went well and what do you think that you need to get better at?

Will Gholston:  "I need to get better at staying low, fighting off the blocks and taking my time, not rushing."

Sam Webb:  What are some of the things that you think you did well this season?

Will Gholston:  "I played tough.  I ran to the ball."

Sam Webb:  What about your defensive coordinator, Coach Archie Collins… we only got a chance to talk about it briefly… but you were saying that he had a major impact on you.  Talk about that a little bit… what kind of impact did he have?

Will Gholston:  "At first when I came over, I was kind of like the deer in the headlights.  I didn't know what to do.  I wasn't too sure about nothing.  I talked to him for…shoot I still talk to him now; I've got a nice interaction with him as far as him coaching me and stuff.  Everything from lifting weights the right way, to running the right way, technique, fundamentals to reading film.  Everything, even personal stuff we talk about, real cool."

Sam Webb:  There are not a lot of guys that go through what you go through in terms of being a big time player… trying to stay in the books and being recruited by colleges… do you ever talk to Vernon (Gholston) about the process?  Who do you lean on?

Will Gholston:  "Coach Collins.  I talk to him about everything.  Any situation that I go through, I talk to him.  Most of the time he the only person that I talk to about that type of stuff."

Sam Webb:  Do you ever talk to Vernon at all?

Will Gholston:  "Nope, not really."

Sam Webb:  As you go forward now and you get ready for the summer, are you going to be going down to the Army All-American Combine down in Texas in January and the Combine, Nike and Under Armour Combine; are you going to be doing any of that stuff?

Will Gholston:  "I know I'm going to the All-American Combine.  Before I go there, I'm going to Arizona to work on my speed and stuff.  I'm going to make it to a couple of Nike Combines.  I've got to make it to the Under Armour Combine, because I missed the last one.  I was mad when I missed it because I wanted to go."

Sam Webb:  Do you talk to Fred (Smith) and Charles Burrell?  How are they doing?

Will Gholston:  "Do I talk to them; yeah I talk to Fred and Charles all the time.  I talk to Trevor Anderson and I talk to Glenn Winston.  I know a lot of them."

Sam Webb:  What about Ohio State, I know a lot of talk about the connection there with Vernon; where is O-State on your list and what is O-State saying to you right now about a scholarship offer?

Will Gholston:  "I haven't really talked to them about that really.  I really can't make any comments about Ohio State, because I haven't really talking to them like that.  It is pretty even with everybody.  I am pretty neutral about the college choice that I'm going to go to because I've still got to look at the academics."

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