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Friday evening: PICTURES ADDED!<br><br> GoBlueWolverine (GBW) subscriber Gene Hankerson went to the Penn. Championship Game last weekend, where top U-M recruit Ryan Mundy's Woodland Hills Wolverines (winged helmet and all, see photo) lost to Parkland. GBW asked Gene to observe the game with a 'scouting report eye' on Mundy. Thanks Gene!

I was fortunate enough to get over to Hershey, Pennsylvania this weekend to watch Super recruit Ryan Mundy play in the Pennsylvania 4AAAA State Championship Game. Woodland Hills (Mundy's team), which came into the game as the #3 team in the USA, and lost to Parkland High School. Parkland featured it's own blue chipper in 6-2 207 pound RB Austin Scott. Scott made an early verbal to PSU, and is battling Darrell Blackman as the #1 RB in Pennsylvania this year. On to Mundy. I'll start by saying that you can't help but to notice him because he lines up all over the place. During the game, I saw Mundy lineup at LB, DE, S, CB, PR, and KR. He is the consummate ball hawk, and it usually requires two players to block him. That was often the case throughout Saturday's game.

There were key plays in the game that Mundy got double-team blocked, and thus couldn't make the touchdown-saving tackles. This only happened when he was playing linebacker – and Parkland had an outstanding offensive line that averaged nearly 275 pounds (they probably have two future blue chippers on that line). Had Woodland Hills kept Mundy back at safety, Mundy would have made touchdown saving tackles, and we would be possibly talking about a different outcome of this game.

Mundy (#21) faces a blocker
Permission granted: sportsphotos
(Bill Anderson)

As far as offense went, this wasn't one of Mundy's better days. Mundy's stats for the game were: one catch for 15 yards, and one rush for six yards. The main reason for this was the constant harassment and pressure applied to Woodland Hills junior quarterback Dennis Sellman. The first year varsity starter had limited time to setup in the pocket and throw, because of poor offensive line play, and a defensive pass rush that was relentless all night long. Keep in mind that Woodland Hills no longer had the play making legend Steve Breaston at quarterback, who was known for keeping a defense honest, or making the big play if pressured. Sellman did manage to throw a 68 yard touchdown pass in the middle of the second quarter, and two minutes later, Mundy returned a punt 49 yards for the last score of the night by Woodland Hills. The game would never be close again. It quickly turned into the Austin Scott show.

Mundy heads for a score!
Permission granted: sportsphotos
(Bill Anderson)

Scott would go on to score five touchdown's, and rush for 250 yards, quickly forcing Woodland Hills to get out of character and try to pass on every down. This played right into the hands of the Parkland front seven, who couldn't be blocked all night. As the night went on with temperatures dropping, and it was clear that Parkland was the better team on this night. Mundy had left the game with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter do to a shoulder injury (separation). I kept my eyes on him during that time, as he stood in by himself near the benches. He was holding his shoulder, and it was clearly obvious that he was hurting. He was hurt by the injury, he was hurt because of the loss, and he was hurt because for the second year in a row, Woodland Hills could not get in done in the state finals. He was very emotional, as if he were fighting back tears. The buzzer finally sounded and the scoreboard read: Woodland Hills 12 Parkland 34. Mundy then showed that he is a good sport, and lined up for the traditional hand shake line. Mundy and Scott shook hands last , and as the two stars embraced I thought to myself, will these two players be doing this over the next four years at a certain two college venues that easily seat over 100,000 fans a game? Only time will tell!

Here are some notes and observations. Most of this should answer frequently asked questions in regards to Mundy's abilities on the field.

The most frequently asked question by people is regarding Mundy's speed. Well, he has good speed, but he is not a blazer like former teammate Steve Breaston! This is no knock on Mundy, because he is just a different type of runner. When watching Mundy with the ball in his hands, he comes across as a smooth runner. He is very patient, and he looks like he is gliding away from defenders. Mundy is probably as fast or faster than Michigan safety Charles Drake. On defense Mundy flies to the ball, and he has no problem chasing defenders from sideline to sideline. I personally think that his best attribute is that he is a sure tackler. Whether it's one on one in the open field, or tackling in traffic, he always takes his defender down. I counted 10 tackles for him in the first half of the championship game. If I had to describe him, after seeing him play a couple times now, I would say that he is very versatile. The guy is your ultimate 2-way player! On offense, Mundy runs good routes, and he gets off the bump ‘n run fairly easy since he just out-muscles DB's at the line of scrimmage. Oh, did I say the kid is ripped? He has some guns on him. I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the two deep rotation as a freshman at whatever school he goes to.

Mundy (in black) breaks up pass
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(Bill Anderson)

Quick Tidbits. During and after the game, I was told by some fans of a certain school,(won't say what school, but I can say, "0-6") that Ryan Mundy has had a history of getting hurt in big games over the last three years. Now this is the first time I've heard of this theory, and I probably shouldn't even talk about it since one must consider the source. However, Mundy did get hurt twice in the game -- but each time he came back and played. The kid is a warrior, and the coaches couldn't keep him off the field. I was told by family members and by Woodland Hills fans/followers, that he came into the game with an injury. He came into the game hurting, and still played hard. He also suffered a freak neck injury late in the 4th quarter while making a tackle. Ryan said it's nothing serious to worry about, and that he will be fine. It may have been a stinger.

Most have asked for a comparison, as to who Mundy plays like or reminds me of. I've said it before, and I believe it even more now. Mundy = Brian Dawkins, his game is very similar, and he has that type of potential. He plays like him, and is ripped just like him.

Mundy (#21) lays out
(notice the helmet, 'sorta' winged)
(AP Photo/Chris Gardner)

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