Yours Truly On the Radio (and Via Internet)

I keep getting email asking if I am going to be on the radio. The answer is yes -- weekly! And Michigan fans from every corner of the state can tune in on their radios -- as can the whole world via internet radio through!

Yours truly will appear on the radio Saturday, December 14 at 6:30 EST on: The Michigan Talk Radio Network (and via the internet), on:

"Michigan Sports Weekend," hosted by Chaka Perry and co-hosted by Kim Viculin. We will go as long as there is something more to say! Listen and call in!

The Michigan Talk Radio Network now has 30 affiliate stations over virtually all of Michigan; the stations carrying the show are:

1400 AM WSJM Benton Harbor
1530 AM WLSP Flint/Lapeer
1220 AM WBCH Hastings
1450 AM WKLA Lundington
1340 AM WMTE Manistee
830 AM WMMI Mt.Pleasant
750 AM WWKK Petoskey
1380 AM WPHM Port Huron
960 AM WHAK Rogers City
660 AM WMIC Sandusky
1210 AM WLDR Traverse City

You can also get the show via the internet -- two different ways! Go through either:

(click on "Cams+Radio" ... then ... " Talk radio")

Plese join us! Let's see if we can 'break' something this weekend!

Tom Beaver

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