Je'Ron Stokes Still Planning Michigan Visit?

The Tennessee soft commit had a visit scheduled for this weekend to the Maize and Blue. Is a U-M visit still in the works for the top wideout? Does Michigan have a shot? GoBlueWolverine gets the latest.

Philly wideout Je'Ron Stokes has long since been committed to the Volunteer program. With the developments in Knoxville of Coach Fulmer stepping down and Lane Kiffin taking over as headman, Stokes has taken a small step back to evaluate his options.

"I'm still committed to Tennessee but I do have other visits scheduled," Stokes informed GBW. "I had to have to postpone my visit to Michigan because my parents don't have the funds to go on the visit and they would like to. I'm going to probably take it after the Army All American Game."

While he still maintains a commitment to the Volunteers, Stokes was affected by Coach Fulmer not being part of the program. While his initial reactions to Kiffin are positive, he still maintains that he'll look around to make sure he's double-checked all of his options.

"The whole reason I'm trying to take my trips was because Coach Fulmer wasn't going to be there, and he was a big reason why I chose Tennessee. He'd help develop me, not only as a player, but as a man, and help me with things I want to accomplish in life. He was a real big reason why I committed and now why I'm taking visits. I'm not going to make any sudden moves or sudden decisions, but I'm going to talk to my family and pray about it, because it's my future and I want to protect that."

On those visits, Stokes has a set list of things that he's looking for in a prospective school.

"Just being real with me ... you know, I understand this is a business. Just give me a chance to cultivate my talents and not just with football, but being there for me and help develop me. Don't just push me aside, but give me a fair opportunity. And helping me to achieve a degree. Just those things are important."

"I've been to a few schools already just to see what they're about. Nothing really in particular outside of what I've mentioned."

The Michigan staff will have an opportunity come January to show Stokes that those matters of importance can be had in Ann Arbor.

"I'm just trying to learn more about the program and all the tradition."

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