Duke Victory Makes Strong Impression on Payne

When Cincinnati (OH) Winton Woods SF Allen Payne made plans to visit Ann Arbor this weekend, he knew the Wolverines were playing the Duke Blue Devils. He knew, based on Michigan upsetting UCLA a few weeks back, this had the potential to be a good game. But never did he expect what he saw Saturday at Crisler Arena.

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"Well, of course I enjoyed the win" Payne said. "Duke was number four in the nation. I expected them (Michigan) to put up a good fight but I didn't think that they would beat them….so. It was a great game. It was very exciting to see someone beat Duke…it's always exciting. The atmosphere, I knew Ann Arbor had a strong fan base. I always liked that and I look for that in a school."

Payne arrived in Ann Arbor a bit late on Saturday due to regrettable weather, but that didn't hamper his Michigan experience. Whether it was during the game or post-game activities, Payne enjoyed the entire process.

"We did get there kind of late, so we didn't get to talk to the coaches before the game," Payne recalled. "We got there like half way through the first half. We sat down, enjoyed the game. Afterwards we went into the locker room and watched the players and the coaches do their post game... you know, all they do after the game. We went over and they sat us down in this area where the football recruits were at, and they were on their officials. Coach Rodriguez was doing his thing and we were just sitting there watching a football game until everybody got done. So when the basketball coaches got done with all of their interviews, they came in and just talked to everyone individually. I was with Tim Hardaway Jr. and we were chillin' and talking and having fun until it was time to go."

Although Payne didn't get to see the campus the University has to offer, he anticipates getting a chance to do so in the not too distant future.

"They said they wanted to have me back so that they could take me around campus and so that I could spend an unofficial day with Coach Beilein." Payne continued. "I really like the offense that they run. I really like the coaches. I think I would fit the offense really well."

Standing 6'7, Payne is a versatile forward that can play multiple positions. He loves to slash from the three point line but says he can also post up on the block if need be, especially when there is a mismatch. Asked if he compares his game to anyone on Michigan's team, his response?

"I think Deshawn Sims," said Payne. "I think I would compare myself to Deshawn Sims, except I put the ball on the floor more. As far as him being able to pass the ball from the top of the key and step out and hit shots, and post up. In high school that's what I do best. When there's a smaller guy on me, I'll take him to the block. If I got a bigger guy on me, I take him out to the wing."

Michigan has only given out a few offers for the 2010 recruiting class. While Payne has certainly impressed the coaching staff thus far with his play over the summer, it seems there still needs to be a little more sorting out before 'officially' offering the Ohio product.

"I was told, by my coaches and my dad that I did have an offer," Payne explained. "but it had to be made final when Coach Beilein comes down to Cincinnati to see me play. So I kind of do but it's got to be official by Coach Beilein"

Look for more on Payne and the other hoops visitors in the hours, days, and weeks to come.

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