Mich. Makes Strong Case for Campbell (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 4) In part one of GoBlueWolverine's in-depth feature on Detroit Cass Tech lineman William Campbell's official visit to Michigan last weekend, the youngster's father (who accompanied him on the trip) shares his thoughts on how things went, how his son felt about his time on campus, his own impressions of Rich Rodriguez, his son's visit schedule, and more.

Sam Webb:  You came up on the visit with your son, as did his mother and Coach Wilcher.  For the part of it that you were there on, what do you think about what Michigan had to say? How do you think the visit went?

Mr. Sassie:  "I thought the visit went real good.  I think that it was positive.  Educationally, I think basically for me, myself, I think Michigan stood out a lot.  They really, really put forth education first.  As far as the coaching staff went, they were 110% for trying to recruit Will… Basically trying to learn what me and his mother want for him as far as education goes.  The coaching staff basically is well put together.  Coach Rodriguez… he's a good guy.  As far as what the media says about him… I kind of learned more about Coach Rodriguez than what a lot of people outside and in the media (have).  I think he's a good guy.  I think he is a good recruiter.  I just feel like everybody should give this man a chance and make a change in Michigan football.  As far as my main concern, it basically is Will getting a good education.  I really don't care what college he goes to.  I just want my son to get a good education and graduate with a degree.  Me, myself, I would love for my son to go to Michigan because it would be close to home.  It will be close for me or his mother to get to him or he could come home on the weekends and what not.  But that's his decision to make."

Sam Webb:  In your conversation with him, whether it was on the visit or since the visit; how do you think he thinks it went?

Mr. Sassie: "We talked to Coach Rodriguez (Sunday) before we left to come back to Detroit.  (Will) said that he enjoyed himself.  It's not just him saying that he enjoyed himself… I could see the reaction that he had on this visit.  We had a lot of fun together… me and my son, Teric Jones, Thomas Gordon, and the rest of the recruits that were up at Michigan this weekend.  It just seemed like he opened up.  He enjoyed his visit.  They had fun together.  I had fun with all the recruits.  We went to the (basketball) game and that was the first time that Will ever got a chance to run out on a college basketball floor after a victory.  I think he really enjoyed the visit."

Sam Webb:  I definitely those guys run out on the floor.   I saw big Will Gholston from Southeastern out there too.  It looked like all those recruits ran out there.

Mr. Sassie: "All those kids ran out there. It seems like they brought over all the West Virginia coaching staffs to the University of Michigan.  They got Rodriguez, the basketball coach… and I think (Michigan) is coming back.  Michigan basketball is coming back; Michigan football is coming back.  All we can do is just sit back and wait and see what's going to happen."

Sam Webb:  Do you know what's next for Will as far as visits go?

Mr. Sassie: "Well, I think Miami is going to be his last visit.  His visit to Miami is on the 19th of December.  Basically he wants to get prepared for the Army All American game, so he wants to cut his visits short so he can get prepared for this big event on the 3rd of January."

Stay tuned for part two in this interview series, in which we chat with Campbell's mother, later today.

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