Carol Presley (mother of Jim Presley)

Jim Presley took his official visit this weekend. Tom was able to chat with Jim's mother about how it went.

All-American Linebacker Jim Presley (2002 Michigan camper, MSU Nike stats: 6-2 1/2, 215 lbs., 4.56 in the 40, 4.06 in the shuttle; 10.8 100 meters, 375-lb. bench press, 2.9 GPA/19 ACT) from Milford, Mich., Highland (TheInsiders #9 LB prospect) had a great time in Ann Arbor this weekend according to his mother Carol. Here is her account of the happenings as told to Tom Beaver.

"It was a great visit. We had been there many times before, of course. But, at the official visit they really get to give every kid one on one attention. Jim's host was David Spytek and he mainly hung around with Will Paul and Sam Keller."

"We got the usual academic presentation."

"We went to the basketball game. It was nice that they won."

"We met with coach Herrmann and coach Carr. We got to see how the broke down film of games. It's amazing really."

"We also met with coach Gittleson (strength and conditioning coach). He showed us the computer program they use for strength training. They will email Jim a weight and conditioning regimen."

"Two of the kids had their parents along. They were the Paul's and Jeff Zuttah, who came with his mom and two brothers. Jeff is just a little taller than Jim."

"We did not see Prescott Burgess, but the coaches told us that he had a real good visit!"

"No one committed that we know of."

"Of course, we ate and ate and ate!"

We'd like to thank Mrs. Presley for her time. We will report more on this weekend as we reach other prospects.

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