A Little Help

Yours truly just talked to Tom Lemming of Prep Football Report on the phone. Here is what HE thinks about three top Michigan recruits.

Yours truly confers frequently with a couple national 'gurus' -- sometimes kids will tell them things that they won't tell me, being a "Michigan reporter." I had a long talk late Sunday afternoon with Tom Lemming about all of Michigan's recruits, but here just briefly are very short snippets of what Tom told me he thinks of three top Michigan recruits.

Ohio DB Prescott Burgess: "I heard he had a great Michigan visit and is leaning there -- but then I thought that he had a slight lean to Michigan before the visit too."

California RB Lynell Hamilton: "I think he is leaning to Michigan and may announce soon."

Pennsylvania DB Ryan Mundy: "Ditto to Hamilton. He's at Virginia this weekend and may have their coaches in-home Monday, but I think he's leaning to Michigan."

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