Cameron Ayers Still Wide Open

Junior 6-3 Philadelphia shooting guard Cameron Ayers has learned from watching his older brother go through the recruiting process to know how to go about it the right way.

When you're a high major division one basketball prospect, going through the recruiting process for the first time is quite an experience. But 6-3 junior Philadelphia shooting guard Cameron Ayers has had enough experience dealing with the process to know how to go about it the right way.

Cameron's brother, Ryan Ayers, is an integral part of a top ten squad in the nation in Notre Dame. After seeing his older brother go through the recruiting process, Ayers vows to take his time and not rush to any kind of quick decision.

"The process is going well so far," Ayers told GoBleWolverine. "I'm still wide open. I'm just waiting for different coaches to contact me, but I haven't made any kind of decision or narrowed any schools down yet."

Michigan is one of many schools that has been on the versatile wing for months now, and their recruiting efforts have not let up.

"Yeah, (Michigan) is recruiting me pretty hard. I talk to the coaches a lot, you know, Coach Mahoney and Coach Beilein. They are looking at me as a combo guard. If they want me to score the ball I do that. But if they want me to bring the ball up the court, I can do that as well."

In all likely hood, Ayers won't take many visits during his junior season because he wants to focus the majority of his efforts towards the ultimate goal, a state championship. But when the season ends, Ayers says a trip to Ann Arbor is certainly a possibility.

"Yeah, I think so (visiting Michigan). You know, the season started so I might not have time to visit too soon, but yeah, I would love to get out there and visit."

His Germantown Academy team is a veteran laden team which he expects will go far this season.

"Our season is going pretty well so far," Ayers said. "We just had a game tonight; were 2-0 so far. We have a very good core group of guys and were experienced, so I think we'll be really good this year."

Not surprisingly, Ayers says the strongest part of his game is his basketball IQ and his shooting ability. He feels like he can get any shot he wants on the floor when he puts his mind to it. Conversely, defense is the part of Cameron's game that he feels might need the most work.

Although Ayers has yet to receive his first offer, he knows they are on the way. The majority of college programs are just now starting to sincerely focus on the 2010 recruiting class as they see the areas of need for their respective teams.

Add Cameron to the basket of potential wing players the University of Michigan and Coach Beilein will be after for the next 11 months as U-M sorts out their needs for 2010.

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