"Thursday ... between Michigan and Purdue.''

So said All-American defensive/tight end <B>Doug Van Dyke</b> from Marshall, Mich.

We saw that All-American defensive/tight end Doug Van Dyke (Dec. 6 official visit, 6-6, 235 lbs., 4.8 in the 40, 2.4 GPA/21 ACT) from Marshall, Mich. had cancelled his Wisconsin visit, so yours truly called him up to ask why.

You cancelled your Wisconsin visit?

"I've cancelled all my visits and I'm making my decision this coming week. On Thursday evening. It's between Michigan and Purdue."

So what's the best thing about each school to you?


"I like the players. I like hanging out with them."


"Same thing really. Plus it's closest to home. I like the players and coaches at Michigan."

So have you already decided and are just waiting to announce it?

"No. I'm still laying it out."

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