Hurst Sees Opportunity at Michigan

In this Q&A with 5-10, 175 lb. Lancaster, Tex. CB Demontre Hurst, the talented DB fills GoBlueWolverine in on where Michigan stands on his list, his leaderboard, his decision timetable, and more. Is the Maize & Blue moving up his list?

Sam Webb: Is it true that you have an offer from Michigan?

Demontre Hurst: "Yeah, yeah."

Sam Webb: When did that come through?

Demontre Hurst: "I think I already had one, but I knew it was official (last) week."

Sam Webb: So how did you get the word that it was official?

Demontre Hurst: "Coach Hopson came through my school and said that everything was set in stone and they wanted to try and get me as a Wolverine."

Sam Webb: You told me that you talked to Coach Hop… have you had a chance to talk to Coach Rodriguez yet?

Demontre Hurst: "Actually I haven't and I'm kind of looking forward to that. I believe Coach Hop is going to come down here to speak with me and my mom and everything, and hopefully I can get a chance to talk to Coach Rodriguez about a couple of things. I'm looking forward to that also."

Sam Webb: So were you paying attention to Michigan's season at all? Did that affect how you look at them?

Demontre Hurst: "At some point it did, but then again because I know a new coaching staff just came in, they kind of have to rebuild things. I can tell that Michigan will always be Michigan and they're going to come back and be the old Michigan that used to be. That season right there, it aint really affect me at all."

Sam Webb: Aside from Michigan, what are the schools that you're still considering at this point?

Demontre Hurst: "I think I'm probably still considering Miami (FL.), Oklahoma State, North Carolina, West Virginia; those are the schools I am probably schools also."

Sam Webb: Have all those schools offered you?

Demontre Hurst: "Except for Oklahoma State. I'm still waiting on them, but I've talked to their coaches a couple of times."

Sam Webb: How did you season go?

Demontre Hurst: "My season went great. We actually made it to the second round of playoffs and lost to a good team, Longview. We finished off 7-5. It was a tough little schedule."

Sam Webb: Do you remember what your individual stats were?

Demontre Hurst: "I believe I had between 75 and 80 tackles. I had two kickoff return touchdowns, one for 108 and one for 80 yards. I had one forced fumble and three fumble recoveries. I blocked a kick and returned it for a two point conversion. I had five interceptions and I returned one for a touchdown."

Sam Webb: Did you play any offense?

Demontre Hurst: "Naw, not at all."

Sam Webb: So obviously everybody is looking at you as a corner then?

Demontre Hurst: "Yeah, yeah, that's pretty much it."

Sam Webb: So when you talked to Coach Hop, what was he saying to you about the whole playing time thing?

Demontre Hurst: "He was like, they need corners. He said that I could come up there and help out and see if I want to play. If I want to play, come up there and get ready to suit up and they'll put me in the best position to make plays, and that's what I want to do."

Sam Webb: Tell me about your game a little bit for folks who haven't seen you play. Is there a player in college or the pros that we could compare you to?

Demontre Hurst: "I thought about it…I don't really compare myself to nobody yet. I'm a typical fast corner. I do like to play a lot of man, but sometimes we don't get to play it that much but that's my thing."

Sam Webb: When you get ready to sit down and make your decision, is distance a home going to be a factor for you?

Demontre Hurst: "Naw. I've talked to my mom multiple times about it and she said, just go where I feel like is the best place for me, because it's up to me and she'll always be there to support me. Distance, I didn't look at it as a problem. That's not a big issue when I am deciding."

Sam Webb: What are the things that are going to be factors?

Demontre Hurst: "I would probably say the social life and how the players interact with the coaches and everything. The community; how the students are; how it is around the school. As far as the football school, would probably be playing time and respectability of the whole program and everything."

Sam Webb: Of the schools on your list, is one your favorite?

Demontre Hurst: "I wouldn't say my favorite, but there are some schools…that I have a high interest in. I wouldn't mind going to that school and everything. I wouldn't say I had a favorite right now."

Sam Webb: What schools would you say those are?

Demontre Hurst: "Well Michigan since I have an offer from them, I would put them up there. I would say Miami, North Carolina, Arizona; that's a school that is looking at me pretty hard and everything."

Sam Webb: Have you visited any of those other schools yet?

Demontre Hurst: "Actually, I have only visited to one school and that was to Arizona on my bye week."

Sam Webb: So have you started setting up any visits yet or do you have still have to do that?

Demontre Hurst: "Actually I set one up to Miami on January 12th. That's a little up the road, but anything else I haven't done anything."

Sam Webb: Do you think you're going to take your decision all the way to signing day?

Demontre Hurst: "I've thought about, but if I see that's the school for me or I take a visit and I just fall in love with it, I probably won't hesitate, I'm going to go ahead and take it and let god do the rest."

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