Lewan Excited For Michigan Visit

The Chaparral offensive tackle caught up with GoBlueWolverine the night before his visit. What is he expecting heading in? Have coaches made their way to Arizona yet? What are his thoughts about playing with Craig Roh? Read on.

Taylor Lewan has been a busy man. After a heart breaking loss in the Arizona state championship game, he's turning right around and heading out to Ann Arbor for an official visit with the Wolverines.

"I'm leaving Friday morning and getting there around four o'clock and check out things" Lewan told GoBlueWolverine. "I just really want to see the campus. I've only seen three campuses, ASU, USC, and Minnesota. I want a chance to see other places in the United States. I know Michigan isn't far from Minnesota, but they're a great school and I want to see what they're all about."

He'll get that chance and more this weekend. Quite a bit of his trip seems mapped out already, or as he was told by his recruiting coach, Tony Dews, who spent time with the youngster for a few days before his official visit.

"I met with him today and I met with him Tuesday, and we're all set up to go out. He's leaving the first flight out and I'm leaving the second flight out. We're going to see the campus, see the stadium… get a feel for what they're doing. My dad is coming, but I'm leaving first, and then he's coming a little bit later."

The presence of Lewan's dad will be very important in the recruitment of the younger Lewan. An alumnus of Minnesota, where he played football, and a supporter of the Big Ten, his father plays a crucial role in Taylor's recruitment, though he's adamant about Taylor making the decision for himself.

"My dad is a really good guy, you know? He's really just helping me out, seeing what the best thing is for me. He knows I'll make my decision when the time comes and that it's for me. I have to own it. He's just there to make sure things don't get too out of hand, getting calls from coaches and reporters. He's not going to be biased, because in the end it's my decision."

Lewan's father will be the only person close to Lewan accompanying him on the trip. There had been much talk of friend, teammate, and Michigan commit Craig Roh joining him, but it did not play out that way. Still, Lewan is close with Roh both on and off the field and that could help play a potential role in choosing where to play at the next level.

"I transferred from Cactus Shadows earlier this year, right before spring ball, and I got a chance because of Craig and his status. All the schools coming by to look at him got a chance to look at me. Craig has done the most for me out of anybody, and not because he got me a scholarship to college, but because he made me a better football player. He made me who I am right now. Going against the sixth best defensive end in the country – you don't get that blessing every day. I tell him everyday I appreciate him everyday, because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be playing in the (Under Armour) All American game this January, I probably wouldn't be visiting Michigan, I'd probably be signing with a D-2 school. He made me the offensive tackle I am today, and showed me what it takes to get a D-1 school. He's a great guy."

The effort's made both on and off the field by Craig Roh and his family have certainly had a resounding impact on Lewan. It's something that he can see and fully appreciate heading into the final stretch of recruiting, though it won't be the deciding factor.

"Off the field, we have a really good friendship. I come over once in a while, hang out with his dad Fred. I'm actually watching his brother's basketball game right now. His brother is a freshman or a sophomore. We're good friends, we talk a lot. We don't hang out that much on the weekends, but we are friends. The experience for me going to school with Craig would be awesome. Once again, we'd be going against each other and I'd have a friend as soon as I got on campus. I'd have a friend there… I wouldn't be going in not knowing anybody. He's part of my decision, anywhere I go now, whether it be Oregon, UCLA, Miami, or Nebraska, I'd be going against some of the best players in the country so I'll have an opportunity wherever I go."

If things go well enough on the Michigan visit, many wonder whether Lewan will pull the trigger for the Wolverines or continue to wait to take other visits.

"No, I probably won't commit (on the visit), but I don't have any other visits set up."

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