Zeigler Impressed by U-M's Fast Progress

Mt. Pleasant (MI) SG Trey Zeigler reacts to Michigan's hot start this season. Have his feelings about the Wolverines changed as a result of the Maize & Blue's upsets of two top five opponents?

Mt. Pleasant (MI) SG Trey Zeigler was all set to be at Crisler Arena last Saturday for the Michigan's big match-up with the Duke Blue Devils.  With his parents out of town for a Central Michigan road game (the team that his dad coaches), he had planned to travel to Ann Arbor with a few teammates.  Then Mother Nature with her snow and ice intervened.

"I was supposed to be there all day," a disappointed Zeigler said.  "I was supposed to be there for the pregame stuff and all that.  I talked to Coach Jack at probably nine or 10 in the morning and I told him then that I probably wasn't going to be able to make it. My parents wouldn't let me drive down."

Though frustrated with that decision, he understood.  Fortunately for him it was a nationally televised game and he was able to catch it on TV.  For the second time in a few weeks he found himself surprised by the outcome of a Michigan game. 

 "That's crazy," Zeigler said of the Wolverines' victory over the Blue Devils.  First UCLA and now Duke.  I actually was with my teammates.  We were all over one of my teammate's house and we all watched it.  Some of them are Michigan fans and some are State fans.  Pretty much at school and my teammates, they all try to make me lean one way.  They've all got their own opinion.  We were watching the game and I got a couple of my teammates and they were like, ‘Yeah Michigan! Did you see that?! Michigan, Michigan.'  The others were like, ‘Man don't get caught up in this.'  They were trying to push State.  So it's always in between."

Zeigler's opinion is the one that ultimately counts and he believes that John Beilein's club has made significant progress.

"I feel a lot more comfortable with the direction they're going in," he said.  "The whole part of what I wanted to do this year was watch the different schools that I'm looking at and see how they do… especially the schools that are down this year… LSU and Michigan, and probably Stanford is down a little bit this year.  I just want to see how they're going to progress and if they are going to get better or worse, and where they are headed in these next three years.  The way Michigan is playing… that's not anything that I expected this fast."

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