At Peace with Michigan

Grand Prairie, TX ATH Dewayne Peace and his father chat with GoBlueWolverine about his decision to solidify his Michigan commitment, his offseason workout plans, the plan for him once he gets to Ann Arbor, and more.

Greg Peace

Sam Webb:  How do you think your son's visit with Coach Rodriguez went?

Greg Peace:  "It went great.  Everything's good, getting everything solidified.  Make sure that everybody is on one accord.  Everything's good. He's straight.  There aint no turning back now.  He's set.

Sam Webb:  What did they say about how Dewayne would fit in?

Greg Peace:  "Well basically, he just said, ‘hey man, we're going to need you both sides of the ball.  You're not going to be redshirted.  Once you sign we'll send your diet, we'll send you your workouts, and we'll need you to stick as close to it as possible  When you come in, in late June, you can go to work and get you the playbook.  We'll get you in the facility and we'll Probably put about 10 more pounds of muscle on you.'"

Sam Webb:  Before that he had been talking about taking visits, but you had been telling him to stick with his decision.

Greg Peace:  "Most definitely.  Like I told him, I said, ‘Son I've never steered you wrong one time and I aint steering you wrong now.  I don't give a dang what (Michigan's) record is.  You're on a worldwide stage every Saturday.  No other school can give you that but Notre Dame.  No other school can give you that but Notre Dame'

"He was actually going to go on a Kansas visit with a teammate.   They basically said, ‘Hey man you don't decommit to Michigan, we aint bringing you up.'  He was like, ‘you know what, I understand.  Go Michigan!  I'll call you if I decommit.' 

Sam Webb:  So with no visits that means academics, basketball, and working out with (former Super Bowl MVP) Larry Brown on Sundays…Then when the basketball season is over that is when he starts working out with Brown full time?

Greg Peace:  "Yeah, we just do it on Sunday's right now anyway.  We work out on Sunday's with Larry Brown.  They don't play basketball on Sunday."

Dewayne Peace

Sam Webb:  Tell me in your own words how you think your visit with Coach Rodriguez went..

Dewayne Peace:  "It went good I guess.  A regular little visit to the home.  He just talked about pretty much Michigan, academics and the football."

Sam Webb:  It sound like coming out of that visit and I was just talking to your dad that you're definitely not taking any more visits now.

Dewayne Peace:  "Yeah I said I'm going to go ahead and be done with it."

Sam Webb:  So what made you come to that decision?

Dewayne Peace:  "Just talking with my dad and the number one reason was mostly the coaches."

Sam Webb:  When Rodriguez came to the house, what was his message to you?

Dewayne Peace:  "Just to stick with them.  It was a rebuilding year for them this year, but just to stick with him and everything will get better and this was the best place for me to be."

Sam Webb:  Greg was telling me that they went and watched you play basketball too; how did you do in the game?

Dewayne Peace:  "I didn't do too good.  I only had eight points.  I'm still trying to get my basketball legs under me.  That was only like my fourth or fifth game."

Sam Webb:  What happened?  Foul trouble?

Dewayne Peace:  "Yeah.  I was playing that hardcore defense that I play (laughter), the lockdown defense.  They were getting a little touchy on me."

Sam Webb:  Your dad said you had been playing pretty well before that.

Dewayne Peace:  "Yeah, my first game back, I hit 17 and then maybe two games (later) I hit the game winning shot and I ended up with 15."

Sam Webb:  Last thing, back to Michigan… there had been some talk about you playing both ways.  Did they sort of lock that down about what they wanted you to do?

Dewayne Peace:  "Yeah, they told me that when I first get there, I'll be wide receiver.  They said it would probably be hard for me to learn both, but they were going to wait for me to get real comfortable on wide receiver and then turn me on the defense side after that so I know everything well."

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