Shafer's Resignation Hits Hard With Gordon

There has been a long standing relationship between Thomas Gordon and Scott Shafer, even from before Shafer came to Michigan. That relationship was a big part of Gordon's commitment to the Wolverines. Now with news of Shafer's resignation coming out, Gordon is faced with uncertainty.

The news spread quickly today that Scott Shafer had resigned as Michigan's defensive coordinator. For Thomas Gordon, a Wolverine commitment, the news came from a somewhat unexpected source.

"I have ESPN MVP on my phone and it sent me an alert," Gordon explained, "Then Teric (Jones) told me so I knew then that it was true."

The 5'11, 205-lb safety is now left with uncertainty about his future.

"It just kind of shook a lot of stuff up," he said, "I was looking forward to playing under Coach Shafer. I felt that we had a bond. That went all the way back to when he was recruiting Boubacar. He came up to Cass and we talked. When they offered me, he said he couldn't wait for me to come up and rock and roll with him, that's what he always said. I felt like he would always keep it real with me."

Of course, one of the first things Gordon tried to do was get in contact with the Wolverines and vice versa.

"Coach Dews called but I was in school. I tried to call him back, but I couldn't get in touch with him."

Gordon had offers from all of the MAC as well as Michigan State before he committed to the Wolverines. He also had interest from Illinois, Indiana and others. With this news, the bottom line now becomes, how solid is his commitment? However, he is reluctant to say anything definitive at this time.

"I'm going to first talk to Coach Dews before I do anything," he explained, "I need to find out if he resigned because he wasn't doing the job or because got another job. I don't want to make the assumption. He was a big part of why I chose Michigan, so I might start looking around, but I don't want to say that I de-committed -- not just yet."

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