Jones on UM: "I Made The Right Choice!"

Orlando (FL) Edgewater standout Mike Jones took in an official visit to Michigan, his future home. What were his feelings on the visit? Did he "do his part" in securing another verbal over the weekend? When can Wolverine fans expect to see him? GoBlueWolverine gets the latest.

Mike Jones had the chance to see his future home for the second time this past weekend and it proved to be a memorable experience.  It solidified the decision he made to commit to Michigan back in the summer.

 "The official visit was real good," Jones stated.  "It was nice for me to spend one-on-one time with all of the players and the coaches.  It was real down to earth.  It was a good time to see the coaching staff away from the practices and things like that.  They're all real cool and it was a real good time."

Jones also had the opportunity to get better acquainted with the classroom requirements at Michigan thanks to the person that will help him meet them, academic advisor Shari Acho.

"Miss Shari is real, real good," Jones stated.  "She's going to be there a lot for the players and with all of our school work.  The parties were good because they have a lot of young kids there, but I'm going to stay focused on my grades in school.  It's a real nice to place to be, especially with the school work, because it's one of the top schools.  It felt like I made the right choice!"

 The staff members weren't the only ones to show Jones the life outside of Michigan football.  Several of the players did as well.  One in particular, fellow Orlando Edgewater alumnus Greg Mathews, did his part to give Jones a taste of Ann Arbor.

"Oh man… Greg is like my bro, you know what I'm saying," said an excited Jones.  "We're real cool.  He is excited for me to come up in January.  Greg is always going to be there for me, so it's going to be real good.  I also chilled with Stevie Brown, Mike Shaw, Jonas Mouton, and Roy Roundtree.  They are all excited for this freshman class to come up.  There's a lot of speed coming up with the seven kids coming up from Florida."

The only downside to the trip seemed to be the harsh effects of Mother Nature, but even that proved to be a non-issue for the Sunshine State star.

 "The only thing I didn't really like about the cold, was every time I got out of the car I almost fell," Jones said laughingly.  They have ice all on the ground. I got to get some boots or something.  I almost fell like five times.  It doesn't bother me that it's cold."

Scottsdale (AZ) Chaparral standout Taylor Lewan was also on his official visit, by the end of the trip he and Jones would have more in common than being unfazed by the weather.  Jones managed to lend a hand in convincing Lewan that Ann Arbor was the right for him to spend the next four to five years of his life too.

 "We were together the whole time," Jones said of he and Lewan.  "I already knew that he had liked it a lot, but I just told him to make the right choice.  It's a good school, it's the right choice, and we're going to the Rose Bowl.  Later on that night, he made the decision.  It was real good because all of the coaches were happy.  I think that we're going to have a good year and I think it's going to be a change.  The main goal is to go to the Rose Bowl.  That is our goal."

 Jones plans to do more than his fair share to help his new team get back on the winning track.

 "I want to thank the coaches for giving me a chance to play up there, but I'm going to come out and work and hard and make my team good.  I'm going to try to give the fans a bowl game." 

The last thing left for Jones is to put the finishing touches on his high school career, and make his way to Michigan permanently in early January 2009.

 "I have to take care of a couple more things, but I'm pretty much done with all that," he said "I have to talk to my counselor, but other than that I'm good to go."

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